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      Does anyone know how to add a product for review on Singletracks? I went to the add menu and review menu. I see all the reviews, but not a link for adding a new product. Thanks.

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      It used to be here:

      But now there’s only adds for trails, events and bike shops.

      There’s an email at the bottom if you want to submit an article.

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      I got some new products I wanted to add to the website and see that all of the reviews are gone.  Anyone find out what is going on?

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      *Some of the reviews and products are no longer on the site.

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      Evidently, the site powers that be are keeping this section under their strict control as to what gets published and what gets swept under the rug.

      Frankly, this could open up some activity around these parts, provided folks could do an objective review and offer up ideas for improvements for given products.


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      We’ve paused new product additions for the moment. Over the years the list of products has become a little tough to manage (many never received a review, while others haven’t been available for many years) so we’re rethinking how these pages should work. Let us know how you use the existing pages, and what you would like to see in the future!

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      Thanks for the explanation Jeff.  I know maintaining a website like this is hard work.  I use the reviews on products to help guide me on my purchases.  I think purging (archiving) reviews on products that are no longer produced would help out a lot.  Removing product that were never reviewed would be a good start.  I would like to see where products could still be added buy few and reviewed by all.  I know that it may be a lot of work.

Viewing 6 reply threads

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