How often do you ride with your POV camera?

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      If you own a POV camera, how often do you bring it along for your rides? And if you’ve owned your camera for a while, how has your usage frequency changed over time?

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      Unless I’m going to hit some downhill I haven’t filmed a whole lot before, I hardly ever do. Once you ride the same trails over, the video is all the same.

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      I got a GoPro about a year ago and used it a lot for the first 4-5 months.  Haven’t used it much lately, but plan to get back to it soon.  I lack the patience to do editing and want to get better at it, which should make it more enjoyable to use.

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      Would like to take the 2 GoPros on most new rides because you never know what you may come across. However they are still bulky with stands. Hardly film on the bike as shakey and do not see the bigger picture of the scenery. And it’s the scenery that makes your ride one to remember (+ good trails). I find I have to make a choice. Either just ride no filming or go out to film with no ‘proper’ riding. Unless planned it can disrupt a ride a lot which may not be appreciated by your other ride partners. One or the other. The Aberfoyle film I just made took approx 4 hours to film and then I run out of time. The trail could be ridden in 15 minutes. 2 days+ to edit and upload.

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      I enjoy video editing, so I still use my cameras regularly. If I didn’t like fooling around with video editing software I suppose I wouldn’t use them at all. Raw trail length footage is almost unwatchable to me (I guess I have a short attention span). But with a little creative editing I can make my sons and nephews feel like heros of the trail and share my experiences with my family. My next purchase will be a gimbal. Without it, only smooth trails create usable chest mount footage.

      When I decide to use them, I make a plan to collect footage. I know going in, my ride will be broken up and it will be less of a work out. That way I don’t feel like I’m wasting time on a ride, instead I’m just riding while doing something else, working on a different goal.

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      I take mine on most of my more extreme excursions or bucket list trails or when I do a lift day.  Occasionally I’ll take it to my local trails if I’m riding with people or have mastered a line that I want to record (although my phone can get those third person shots if I need to.)

      Here’s a link to one of my favorite videos I took recently and basically the reason I own one.

      I’ve used mine for a ton of different things that aren’t mountain biking (snorkeling, hiking, zip lining, swimming, kids, roller coasters, etc.) as well although mountain biking is the #1 use.

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      If I think it will make an interesting video and won’t interfere with the ride or the ride is longer than the battery life then I’m wearing it.

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      @Mark Larson, that crater trail looks beautiful. Good touch at the end with panoramic footage.

      I take my camera only on trails that I’m familiar with and only when I’m intended to make a video from that place. And one more factor – when I have extra time for filming. That way I can ride same portions few times to get different perspectives and, since I know the trail, video doesn’t look as boring as if I was riding it first time.  Can’t stand video made entirely from one mount.


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      very seldom.

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      Every ride. I use it as motivation to get out and ride. I also use it to better my skills.

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