How often do you check your sag?

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    This will come as no surprise to those who know me, but I rarely check the sag on my mountain bike. Months will go by until I suddenly notice I’m blowing through all my travel and the bike drops significantly as soon as I sit on it!

    I’m sure there are people out there who will say to check sag every ride, but is that necessary? Or should it be like a once-a-month thing or say every other ride?

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    Every ride.

    One reason, though, is different terrain. Some places I ride are very technical, lots of drops, rock gardens, etc. Other trails are fairly flat and flowy. I tend to set the sag for where I’ll ride. Makes sense to me, anyway.

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    I check mine fairly regularly, especially if I’m carrying a pack. A pack with 100 oz. of water and extra gear can add 10 or more pounds, so I’ll adjust my  sag to compensate.

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    I used to never check, and then last year the seals started wearing out and I needed to add air every ride to make it through the season.  Now that it has been rehabbed, I check about every 10 rides.


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