How Much Should You Pay to Update one Year on Used Bikes?

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      Thinking about upgrading from 2016 to 2017, basically the same model, but not state of the art 2018… Bicycle Blue Book has my bike (2016) listed at $2411 and next year’s (2017) at $2686… but the used stuff I’m looking at is listed at almost $1K more than I can sell my bike for right now.

      A difference of $275 seems pretty reasonable, but what do you think?

      What’s the max you’d spend to upgrade to the next year’s model, assuming you’re dealing in used ( 1+ year old) bikes?

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      Interesting question. To me, the $ amount is just one side of the equation. What is the upgrade in parts spec? Like, if the newer model has a better fork or adds a dropper post, then it might be worth $275. But if it’s just a different paint job, then $275 isn’t a great deal.

      Still, even if there were no change in the bike between the two years, you could be getting a bike with fewer miles on it, which is a good thing. But even then, you don’t know how hard someone rode it, or how they maintained it. At least with your own bike, you know those things, so it’s less risky to hold onto it.

      You’re smart to look at a 1-year newer bike instead of trying to upgrade to a 2018. On average, mountain bikes depreciate 45% in year 1, then they only drop about 7% each year over the next few years.

      New Mountain Bikes Lose About 45% of Their Value After Year One

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        Great link, Jeff.  Thanks!

        Same parts between the years — guarantee the guy rode his more than I did mine (knee rehab).  Slightly different geometry (XC / Plus vs. Enduro / NotPlus), but otherwise exactly the same components.  Unfortunately I *really* want this other guy’s bike.  Based on that chart, though, I think patience is in order.  Mine won’t drop that much, and more of those 2017s will probably pop onto the market near spring.

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      You are saying basically the same model then saying one is a plus size XC and one is a Enduro not plus, not sure how that makes them the same?


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        Both Scott 710s One a Genius, one a Spark Plus.  Same materials, same components, same sizes, same MSRP, slightly different geometries.

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