How Much Money Would It Take for You to Do This Climb?

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      While I was working around with some maps recently, I came across this beast of a climb on the Old South Skyline Trail just outside of Ogden, Utah.

      Now when I first looked at this topographic profile, I immediately thought there was a problem with the program. There wasn’t.

      That means the meat of this climb, which is about a mile long, has an average grade of 43.5%. To put it in perspective, that’s an elevation gain of 2250 feet in less than a mile.

      Who would ever want to subject themselves to such a level of pain? I’ve always been a strong advocate of Type 2 fun, but this seems overkill. I’m not even sure I could safely descent 30 feet of the trail.

      So, would anybody out there be willingly do that climb? If you wouldn’t, what would it take to get you to? Does anybody have any tales of relentlessly steep hike-a-bikes like this one?

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      I’ll be honest, I couldn’t ride it non stop.  But I’d ride what I can and walk the rest for the ride back down! 🙂

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      1) there is no chance I could ride that climb from 5500 to 7500 feet, and I doubt I could ever get to the fitness/skill level to accomplish it.

      2) it would have to be one hell of a downhill payoff to even hike-a-bike something like that.

      Hey, I fully respect those that scale the mountain just because its there, but its not for me. At some point the torture overcomes the fun! Hats off to anyone who can do it!

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      Wow, that looks like a beast!

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      43.5% grade for 1 mile???  Not a chance.  I’d love to see somebody – anybody – clean that.  FWIW, I can’t find this segment on Strava nor is the trail showing on TrailForks.  In fact, it looks like this trail is no longer in use and is replaced by the South Skyline Trail which is shown in orange on your map.

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      So, would anybody out there be willingly do that climb?

      Sure. I’d lock my bike to a tree at the bottom and start hiking. ;P

      Regarding the “payoff” on the way down, I wouldn’t even attempt that, because I’d definitely crash out and, if I didn’t kill myself, I’d likely never be able to ride again.

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      Money? Sorry, I’m in it for the glory. : )

      Trail surface matters as much as elevation profile. But you can bet, at that angle, it’s likely not smooth. Sure, I’d ride it. Ride meaning I’d bring a bike. It’s only a mile. I’ve pushed my bike, usually loaded, up steeps for three hours numerous times, so it sounds reasonable. Sometimes you have to do something like that to get where you’re going.

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      Just to clarify:  Would I attempt it?  Sure.  But realistically, how many people are going to get more than 100ft on a 43.5% grade mountain climb before having to put two feet down???

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