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      I’m curious to hear: how many days did you guys get out and ride in 2015? Bonus: how many miles did you log on the bike?

      According to my Strava account I rode over 130 days this year, for a total of over 1,300+ miles (basically 100% on dirt). That’s down significantly from previous years due to injuries (2,200 miles in 2014, 3,500 miles in 2013), but it still averages out to a halfways decent 10 miles per ride, and a decent number of days on the bike.

      What about you? How many days did YOU ride this year?

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      Whoa, I’m pretty much the same–1306 miles, 131 activities. I think maybe just a couple of those rides were on dirt and that also includes running. Still, MTB is the bulk of it. Oh, and I bet if I included my “commute,” I’d be over 2000 miles.

      I can’t believe I rode almost as much as Greg!

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      “and that also includes running.”

      If you click over to your public-facing Strava profile, you can pull mileage totals for running and riding separately.

      In addition to riding, I have 57 running activities (I’ve logged mine so that this number includes hiking) for a total of about 115 miles.

      Jeff, it looks like you have 1020 miles of biking in only 53 rides (that’s an average of almost 20 miles per ride, for those following along), and 278 miles of running in 76 runs!

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      It’s a sad, sad state of affairs in Schwim’s biking universe:

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      I have logged 2000 miles this year in 123 rides. Mostly on gravel, 20 or so on dirt. My farthest rid being 106 miles. I don’t log my commute due to it only being three blocks from the house one way. Working two jobs makes it hard to stay consistent. Short rides early in the morning before work and long rides on the weekend. Trail riding, fall through spring. Thanks to Strava I can keep track of all that info. Hope to do better next year if all goes well. Miles don’t matter a hole lot to me, it’s the thrill of seeing new places and finding off the wall sights.

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      I Got in 42 rides this year with 452 miles.  I missed out on three months of riding moving from Europe back to the States.  That still doubled what I did in 2014.  I am not sure if I will have the time to match this in 2016 or 2017 because of my job right now but challenge accepted.

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      Jeff, it looks like you have 1020 miles of biking in only 53 rides

      Thanks, I forgot how to pull that info. I still say I beat you if I include my commute. 200+ commutes for the year, ~2 miles each, some dirt. 🙂

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        Re: Jeff:

        Oh yeah, you definitely beat me, no question 🙂 Plus, I was just pointing out how impressive a 20-mile average per ride is 🙂

        Re: Tom:

        When are we going to finally get out for a ride together?! I’ll try to give you a holler in the new year.

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      Sunday was my last day to ride in 2015, so I snow-biked 9 miles than farted around town on the fat bike for another 6 miles to reach a nice even Strava number. 150 Activities, 2750.2 miles. I was on track for a 4,000 mile season, but then at the end of summer I got busylazy. Then crashed hard at the 12 Hours of Penitence (first lap, doh!). Kept me off the bike quite a bit.

      Oh, and I don’t strava my trips around town on the townie bike. 200 days a year I ride 1.5 miles round trip to work twice (home for lunch). I ride that thing for every town errand I do. Call it another 750?

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      Got in 2550 miles this year in about 130 rides.   Next year goal is 3000.  Most of the rides were road rides but did about 500 mtb miles.  Can ride out from my garage  and get in 25 road miles in about 1.5 hours.  For MTB have to pack up, drive, ride, pack and drive so it is usually a 4-hour jaunt.  My 12-year-old son is my riding partner and is getting much stronger, so I can take him on MTB rides which keeps the wife happy which allows me to leave for 4 hours.  For 2016, I want to up the MTB miles significantly.  My 9-year-old son is getting close so when he is able to join us on our MTB rides it will be great.

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      I have put in 4678 mile this year. The split is 80% road and about 20% on the trails. My 2016 goal is make that a 50/50 split.

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      2780 miles, mostly road/gravel (2350) and 430 miles mountain biking (including paved sections/connectors/etc, and 1 mile each way to my 2 closest local trails on pavement each time).  182 miles of running.

      Finished the Copper Triangle Road Ride, 100+ mile gravel ride, one off-road triathlon, a shuttle run day at Keystone, 3 Imba Epics, 12 new trails, new road and mountain bikes, a new job in the bike industry and being able to ride singletrack in Wisconsin in December made for a pretty awesome cycling year!

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      I rode 192 days in the great white north this year covering 5479 kilometres. Early season was mostly road then almost exclusively mountain or gravel. I would guess around 150 days on the mountain bike on 40 different trail systems in Ontario, New York, North Carolina, Florida, Aruba and Mexico.

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      <p style=”text-align: left;”>So far: 89 rides for a total of approx 1350 miles total mostly dirt but some gravel too. Had a few slow months and still hoping to hit 1400 miles for my goal this year. next year is more rides and more night rides to keep the mileage up. All the best in 2016 to everyone.</p>

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      1771 miles in 136 days according to Strava.   There were a few group rides where I forgot to check in.   30 mile loop planned on December 31st.


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      I am retired and 64 years old. I rode 3,150 plus miles in 89 days. Most of that was at Santos, Florida.


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      No porterhouse statistics. best I have is that I checked in 50 times, but some of those aren’t even rides because of wet conditions. showed up checked in and left, sometimes after some road miles.  maybe close to five hundred miles for the year. (the shame of it)

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      229 rides, all dirt, 5086 miles

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      329.327 miles, not bad

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      2200 miles and 160 rides so far. 90%+ dirt. The only thing roads are good for is getting to the trail in CT 🙂

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      2900 miles, mostly on my mountain bike. Besides the old favorites (Santos, Dupont, Pisgah) did manage to check off a few more of my top 100 ( Downieville Downhill, and Lake Tahoe). I think I may need to kick up the adventures in 2016!

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      15,600 miles, 1,300 hours of ride time, 1.2 million feet of climbing. A few more miles than last year, but a little less time and elevation gain. December was my only bad month, as I spent a couple weeks with a bad cold.

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      sooooo mannnny roaaaaadddiiieeeeesss.

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      297 days

      17,086 miles

      1,053,000′ elevation

      8000+ dirt


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      Daaaaaamn, Eric! That is impressive.

      Here are my stats for the year, so far. I’ll be adding a few more miles tomorrow.

      Distance 4,006.7 mi
      Time 400h 26m
      Elev Gain 306,119 ft
      Rides 278

      Not sure what the breakdown is between road and mountain, but I can say more miles were on dirt in 2015 than in previous years. Hoping to hit 5,000 miles for 2016.

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      I rode 1103 miles this year, mostly mountain bike rides. This doesn’t count the couple of miles I do each morning, riding with the dogs running. Now that I have a new bike, I hope to do more in 2016.

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      No bonus for me as I never track miles which are pretty much irrelevant in mountain biking–unlike roads which are mostly similar, trails are all different and present wildly different physical demands.   I can safely say, though, that I put in far more miles in 2015 than in any other year, primarily due to a dedication to bike commuting which, for me, is about 80% dirt.  In total, 3,000+ miles would be a conservative estimate.

      While I didn’t get in nearly as many cool “new to me” trails as I hoped, I did get greater geographic diversity than usual, getting to ride in Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Michigan, Minnesota, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Mexico, South Dakota, Utah, Wisconsin, and Wyoming.

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