How much $$$$ are you willing to spend on a new mountain bike?

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      Well… what’s it worth to you?

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      That Yeti is my dream bike! But in the land of downunder we have something called “Australia Tax” which makes anything like this a no go. The tax is basically where importers markup the prices extortionately. An example is a Santa Cruz 5010 i was looking at which sold for $3500USD in America but in Australia it was priced at $5500USD. Our one and only importer imports all the cool bikes so there is nothing we can do about it, which means me it is strictly Trek, Giant and Specialized.

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      three fiddy

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      How much anyone is willing to spend on a new mountain bike in my opinion is sometimes based on some very simple things such as where is this person in life in general, their financial situation, and last but not least how deep into mountain biking are they? The first two could almost go hand-in-hand as it speaks to family life, work life, small or grown children, free time, health, etc. And all of these are indirectly tied to finances to a small degree. So if life is going well, kids are grown, you’re healthy as possibly can be for this kind of activity, got some spare time, wife/hubby (if married) is happy, and you have some extra coin, next comes the all important question that Greg asks: How much are we willing to spend? If you are new to mountain biking then I think a good beginning “jumping off point” to begin with is an entry level bike. Maybe something like a good, quality Hard Tail from a LBS with a reputable bike manufacturer. Price point between $700 – $1500. This bike could and should last someone a good long time to really grow and gather some awesome riding experience, observe other bikes on trails, ask questions, and luckily catch some Bike demo’s along the way. Depending on if you want to “graduate” to a Carbon frame from Aluminum, Hard tail to Full Squish, better components all around, name recognition, et al then of course is that next level some few lucky folks enter of $2500 – $5,000 (give or take). And lastly, you have that level of 5 digits that I for one have not personally gotten to and honestly don’t know if I ever will, or want to. I will just upgrade and upgrade and upgrade until I can’t upgrade anymore! How much is someone willing to spend on a new mountain bike? I guess that can be answered with 2 questions – Where are you at in mountain biking and life personally, and what is it worth to you?

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      Now that I am pretty invested in mountain biking, I could probably justify going up the 3k mark, but likely will never exceed that. I feel like at that point, there really is a lot of bike to be had. The most I’ve actually spent on a bike though is 1200.

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      Appears i’m putting together another bike now , I had not planned on it but the pain in my back decided for me to create another ride to soften up the terrain . I ordered a 2018 carbon bucksaw frame today and i’ll move current fat bike parts over onto it and then part by part i’ll upgrade over the next few months . The frame alone purchase i can digest and then piece by piece requiring smaller amounts of money  each time as i upgrade is way easier for me to stomach . To actually  walk  into a store a pick out the $7000 plus bike in 1 shot , that would could never happen based on where i am in my life cycle .   I’ve only ever bought 1 completed bike and built the rest , so this time the amount  i’m spending to make a light FS fat bike will be above anything i’ve ever spent before  and probably close to that in store full bike price but  just spread out over time .

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      That question is really dependent on your financial situation. I’d love an $8000 bike if I could afford one, but I’m happy with the $3000-$4000 trail bike. This kind of bike has done everything I need it to do for a good MTB experience and allows me to push my abilities. So unless I come into some big money in the future, that’ll likely be my budget for now.

      I would be curious to experiment with a bike in the $5000+ territory to see if it’s radically better (to justify the expense, at least) than its less expensive counterparts.

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      Around 3K, but I usually buy used.  I’ve bought four bikes now in about 5 years and have not sold any of them.  Three of those being for my three sons.  I’m currently looking for another bike for me, but I’m not in any hurry to make the purchase.  Waiting and watching for that perfect bike to become available.

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      I have purchased two new bikes in my adult life, and the most expensive was $1700. A year later I spent $1800 on a year old used model that initially retailed for over $4k. For me going forward my “new” bike limit is $0, but my slightly used bike limit is probably $2000-$2500.

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      Too much, apparently.  for years I didn’t ride a lot and refused to spend more than about $250. I only used the mountain bike for occasional training and spent most of my money on motocross bikes and ATVs. I stopped riding dirt bikes a several years ago.


      Back in 2015 a good friend, who is very serious about mountain biking, got me riding with him. He has three bikes, the cheapest cost him about $2k, the most expensive he built from frame up and has over $8k in it. I jumped in with a lower priced FS at $1500. After two years on it and about $700 in upgrades, I want more in a bike and just ordered a new bike (on sale) that is costing me a little over $4k.

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      The most I’d consider spending retail on bike today would be maybe $3500, but… I avoid retail at all costs (how about that pun?). I’ve long followed the mantra that retail is for schmucks and Christmas shoppers (’tis the season). Case in point; The last time I purchased a frame at full price was in 2013 when the frame I wanted was still a pretty new design and no used options nor price breaks were possible. That said, I searched out a retailer that gave me the best deal on it. I thoroughly research any and all purchases save emergency/on-the-fly buys (tube, replacement part, pair of socks, tzchotskies) when traveling.

      After research, networking with shops, other cyclists and even companies works very well. Not being a schmuck and treating others kindly goes a long way. Homemade cookies and beer. Party.

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        Right now I’m happy with the $1600 I paid for my bike.

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      When I bought my first bike in Feb 17, it was the most I had paid for a bike $300 used. Once I was hooked, I started looking at $1200 full suspension bikes, and quickly realized I needed to spend more in order to not be upgrading again soon. I caught a $3000 bike 25% off and bought it. Now I expect my next bike to cost $3500-4500, after my skills progress. I would have never imagined spending that much on a bicycle a few months ago.

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      I look for value at a price that won’t cause marital strife. I have found that value three times buying used; I just snagged a 3 year old barely ridden $5500 new FS for $1800. I am lucky too that my wife has never met a bargain she didn’t like so “saving” that much on another bike is an easy sell.

      However, I have passed N+1 and am currently at S-1…

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      The more I ride the deeper my budget gets.  When I first started back in 20 years ago, $400 was my max.  Now that I am getting more an more time in the saddle I spent $1,300 three years ago and already looking to upgrade.  I think I can spend about $4,000 and feel good about it.

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      Have always bought used bikes, most I have spent is 1800, but have spent up to 750 on wheels as well.   Thinking about getting a new bike in the next 5 years as a retirement “rocking chair” gift to myself.  Hope to keep it under 4k?

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      The most I’ve spent on a new bike was around $2,500, (for a carbon xc bike that I cracked the following year) but I think I could justify going up to around $5,000-$5,500 for something really nice (fancy enduro bike, dh bike, etc).

      Currently I’m wishing I had the funds for an Orange 324 RS, since I’ve discovered the wonders of riding park.

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      Since prices for decent bikes skyrocketed to 5-6000 it’s not an option I’m considering. $2-3k is what quality full-suspension is worth for me.


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        That is a good price range, I feel that from Giant, Speicalized, Trek, and most the major brands the $2k to $3k range is the point where you can get the most for you money. Everything after that you have to  be willing to pay a substantial amount more for what you want but, unless you are a pro level rider, probably don’t need.

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      $3000-$5000 for me. I currently run a Farley 7 and love it. Am toying with getting a Farley EX8 as I am not getting younger. I also work at a shop p/t so get really good pricing.  Well worth the 6 hrs a week. I like the folks there and the prices through the training program are AWESOME!

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