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      Was wondering how many of you wear a backpack when riding and if so does it get in the way? Also was wondering what is everyones opinion on the best ridding sunglasses (bang for the buck)?

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      I wear one. It’s good for holding toilet paper, water, and other things.

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      Yes I do, If the straps are adjusted to you it should be fine. It may take a few rides to get the perfect fit.

      Also many riders just have a bottle cage or two and a bag under the saddle. The key is do what feels best for you.

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      8 times out of 10 I will wear a backpack, however sometimes If i ride too long with it, my lower back starts to hurt, but then again I have minor back issues to begin with. If I’m commuting to work on my bike I might bring my messenger bag which has a more comfortable fit when riding in the city IMO.

      As for it getting in the way, I don’t see how it could unless you are not use to wearing one, or if the straps are extra loose in which case it might be bopping around.

      However in the long run if you do plan on biking a lot of trails and go way out into nature, it may be a good thing to get use to for emergency issues, this way you can carry all those things you can’t fit into a saddle bag. i.e. first aid kit, snacks, pumps, all that juicy stuff. That’s just something to think about

      For the sunglasses, I can’t recommend anything, but I do wear my Oakleys.

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      For almost all of my solo rides (sans family) I wear the water pack, with all the goodies packed in it. With the family, since I have to carry their stuff also, I often go for the rear rack/pannier.

      Solo, I prefer the pack with the weight on my body rather than the extra weight on the bike.

      As they said above, so long as the pack straps are well adjusted, it’s not a nuisance. Be sure to get the hip strap carrying some/most of the weight, and use the chest strap if necessary to control the shoulders. In fact the weight in a pack is far less noticeable than carrying the weight on the ride. A few pounds on the body – no big deal. A few pounds in various bags & bottles on the bike… Can be a very big deal.

      As for the shades – I wear a pair of Julbo glacier glasses, but that’s more of a medical rather than a biking thing.

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      Here in southern Arizona, it really isn’t an option; always wear the camelback with plenty of water and a couple of cliff bars. As far as shades go; Don’t wear what you are afraid to lose, because you won’t enjoy the ride if you are worrying about scratching the Oakleys’.

      Attack life! It’s going to kill you anyway.
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      Yes, wear a hydration pack. I prefer the Camelbak HAWG but I’m 6’3 240lbs so the smaller packs look stupid on me. I do also have a MULE. They allow you to carry plenty of water, your cell, snacks/bars, repair gear, first aid, etc. The thing to remeber is to get one that fits, only carry what you need, and make sure it is comfortable. I personally dislike having a bottle cage on my MTB. You have to reach down for it on the move, alot of bottles condensate and drip directly onto your bearings and front drivetrain, and you can’t carry as much water. And then you have to hope that the bottle doesn’t dislodge while bombing downhill.

      As for "bang for the buck" glasses: check out TIFOSI shades. About $50 for a set with changeable lenses. Light weight, durable, and found in most bike shops…

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      Hydration pack, as long as I do up the lumbar and sturnum straps I’m good to go.

      I was on a riding trip in St. George Utah this past November and I got down there without my beloved Smiths. while in a LBS I found these neat glasses they were half the price of everything else so i bought them to get me through the trip. These Glasses are a company called Tifosi optics. The frames are rubberized and the lenses are interchangable for different tints and even Anti fog. They cost me forty or fifty dollars and I haven’t wore my $150 smiths since.

      edit: I just realized Devin suggested Tifosi’s too. Sorry for the redundancy everyone.

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      I like having all my stuff (water, tools, etc) in a pack instead of rattling on the bike. I use a Black Diamond hydration pack thats just big enough for the bladder, food, tools, pump and FAK.

      as for shades, I really Smith. they have the slider series where you can chage the lenses according to condition so you get 3 glasses in one. (comes with 3 sets of lenses)

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      Lobo pack has good straps and sufficient H2O for hours. Smith Factor Max (any of their bottomless sliders are light and good at deflecting wind/dirt on drier trails).

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