How do you feel about litter on the trail?

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      Share your thoughts. 🙂

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      I’m ususally riding slow enough to stop and pick it up.  I’ve always got spare space in my Camelbak.  Big stuff that I can’t get out, I try to neaten it up.


      Humans are full of lowest common denominators.  It doesn’t pay to let it bother you.

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      Pick up your own mess!! Nobody wants to see trash on the trails, roads or in yards.

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      I would say I’m pleasantly surprised I don’t notice much on my usual trails. 100% honest answer that if I see some when I’m ripping along I’m not likely to stop and pick it up, but if I’m taking a break I will absolutely pick up someone’s trash if I can reasonably carry it. And without exception I follow the mantra to “leave no trace.” Same thing when I’m hiking or fishing.

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      I am sick of seeing “blue ” doggie bags on the sides of some trails! Trails provide these bags to pack it out ! Maybe they should stop? I pick up other bits of trash not mine but refuse to pick these up!

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        I am sick of seeing “blue ” doggie bags on the sides of some trails!


        I’ve never understood the folks who take the time to pick up the poop, just to leave the bag on the trail or at the trailhead. Do people who do that honestly think the added plastic bag makes it okay to leave behind? If the choice is to just leave the poop there or leave it there in a plastic bag, I’d take the no-plastic option. This might be controversial, but personally, considering there are plenty of other animals pooping in the woods, I’d prefer they leave the poop in the woods and move it off-trail than put it in a plastic bag. I just don’t see how more plastic bags will make anything better.

        I pick up other people’s trash (no poop, though!) sometimes, more when I’m hiking than riding, but I also sometimes wonder if that enables the litterers. When their trash disappears, do they then think it’s okay to leave it because someone will come to pick up after them? Still, better to pick up trash if you can than just leave it. Especially plastic bags, wrappers and bottles.

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      It pisses me off to no end. You packed it in so you can damn well pack it out. I live in Eastern Tennessee and it seems like the people around here have zero regard for the environment around them; I see garbage on trails everywhere, from trailheads all the way out to the middle of nowhere, deep in the forest. It’s lazy and there’s no excuse for it. I try and pick stuff up when I’ve got room in my pack, but I don’t always have enough empty space to pick up much.

      Most trail users are grown adults, or certainly old enough to know better. This isn’t a fairy tale, you don’t have to leave a trail of crap to lead yourself out of the forest, so stop leaving your trash for someone else to pick up. Be responsible for your own stuff, since mommy isn’t here to clean up after you.

      Sorry for the rant, but this stuff really gets under my skin. It’s disgusting.

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      Tried to raise my kids not to litter by always picking up trash when we went out in the woods or trails.  Hope leading by example worked.  I usually pickup glass, plastic and metal when out, I leave paper be cause it breaks down.  It doesn’t pay to just get pissed off at the idiots that litter, makes me feel better to just be a part of the solution.

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      What seems to escape the minds of many (perhaps those that wouldn’t ever intentionally drop garbage) is adding stickers to kiosks/signs/carsonite posts.

      2 words people:



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      I carry out litter each and every ride.  Mostly empty water bottles.

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      We don’t see a lot of litter on our trails locally.  The exception right now are those trails that are now finally above water lines since last July.  There is littler left behind by what receding lakes have been harboring over the years.  Trails crews have been diligently cleaning up though.

      As for how I feel about litter on the trail… irritates me.  Lazy jerks.  Makes me wonder just how nasty the homes are of people that littler.  Probably disgusting.

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      I hate  it and over the years I seem to notice it more  .I’m getting older and slowing down . I made it a point this year Jeff to take a day or  couple days every  month  to walk the trails with my Hefty bags ..I actually just started walking the trails  this year  with a chain saw . I do it in State and Township parks . I  don’t get permission because over the years I have notice  trying to get permission to go in on State or Township land  requires  to many hoops to jump through . I also notice it’s easier to just ask for forgiveness . So what if  I have to say I’m sorry to some  park slacker for cleaning up the trails .

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        I don’t get permission because over the years I have notice trying to get permission to go in on State or Township land requires to many hoops to jump through . I also notice it’s easier to just ask for forgiveness . So what if I have to say I’m sorry to some park slacker for cleaning up the trails .

        I do the same.  Luckily for us, our foresty service does very little to maintain the trail system here so it’s more likely you’ll see Santa Claus on the trail than a forestry worker but I figure if I come across one, I’ll just feign ignorance and beg forgiveness.

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        I also unofficially chainsaw some trails every spring.  Have been for 20 years and have only ran into Forest Service once.  They were actually really thankful but did say they never saw me do it, wink, wink.

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      I don’t believe I’ve ever seen any on the trail yet, around here it’s very clean.

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      Trails aroud me stay pretty clean but i believe in pack it in pack it out

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