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      Sorry if this has been asked and/or previously answered, but I’m new here and can’t figure out to post a mtb video. There seems to be only a list of various trails and you pick a particular one, and then from there you can apparently add your own video url. But None of those trails apply to me. The trails in my videos are not listed there. Appreciate any help.

      PS: Do all videos need to be "helmet cam"? I am an extreme mountain unicyclist, and ride hardcore trails from Moab to San Diego, but most full-shot videos and are *not* helmet cam or pov. I do have a few POV though.


      Terry "UniGeezer" Peterson

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      Ok great thanks!

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      FYI, the ‘add a trail’ page is here:

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      Thanks! I’ve already added three new trails and three videos as well! 😃

      It must take time though for the newly added trails to show up in the drop down list of trails? I checked and they weren’t there yet, although the trails I added were "successful".

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      Hmm… The new trails should show immediately. What state are they in?

      The drop down menu you’re looking at simply shows trails with videos so your new trails won’t show there yet. Go to one of your new trail pages like this one, then click the ‘Post trail video’ link on the left. Once the video has been approved it will be live on the site. Sorry if that’s confusing, let us know if you have any trouble!

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      Ahhh, I think this is what you’re looking for – use this page to submit video from Devil’s Slide trail: … ction=post

      And this one for Saddlerock: … ction=post

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      Hmmm, I thought I already posted the urls. After submitting the new trails, I looked on the left and it showed "trail actions", so I selected "Post trail video". I assumed that was specific for the trail I had just added. If not, then I’ve posted them each twice!

      These are the ones I posted:

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      Yep, you did it correctly – videos are posted. Thanks for sharing! … ction=view … ction=view

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      "Mongoose" wrote

      Hello ‘uni_geezer’!

      Wow!! I watched those videos and all I can say is……. "Dude, you rock!!"

      Now, I thought I was good at freeriding, but boy, you made me look at freeriding in a whole different aspect. Dude, that was some really sick looking moves. Thanks for sharing the videos brother!

      Thanks very much! I was hoping all you 2-wheelers wouldn’t mind too much if a one-wheeler posted a few viddys, lol! You can also have a gander at me website, for a bit more info on "going to the extreme…one just ONE wheel!" Happy New Year everybody!!!


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