How Do I Get To My Own Photos?

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    There used to be a link on the dashboard, but I can’t for the life of me get to a gallery of just my photos now.

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    Wow, if there’s a link, I can’t find it. Maybe it’s an easter egg!

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    I think the brand-spanking-new profile pages like JUST went live. Try clicking over to your public-facing profile page and looking for the "photos" tab on top!

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    My Account -> View Profile -> the click either the "Photos" tab or the big orange block in your photo collage that says "View all photos".


    Basically the old user photo gallery went away for a little while and this is how you get to the new one.

    Here’s the direct link to your gallery Corey: … =u&i=24550

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    I like the new profile look! Adds a little color and action to the page!

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    Wow, looks nice. I liked the new setup.

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    Cool, like the new format 😃

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    Agreed, it looks great!

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