Hobby Park in Winston-Salem

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      I’ve got this mountain bike book for NC which rates this trail a tech 3+. Maybe they’ve cleared some obstacles since this guy wrote this book because there is no way that this is a tech 3. I rode down “poop hill” rather than going up it and it was alot of fun riding down at a good clip. A fast fun trail but not technical. You can really get some speed if you know what’s coming up. Since it was my first ride there I wasn’t going to fly around a turn and get surprised. Hobby was a decent ride but out of the way from where I was working so I doubt I’ll go back. Gonna try Salem Lake next week.

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      Probably not deserving of the “+” and the 3 is kind of a stretch, but Hobby Park is one of the most technical in North Carolina… that’s not to say it isn’t all rideable though. There definitely arent any big log crossings or obstacles requiring dismount, but there are so many roots, rocks, tight uphill turns and even some scary descents in such a condensed area that you definitely have to be alert the whole ride.

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      well I don’t agree with that but that’s my opinion. You’re from Durham which has one of the most technical I’ve ridden-little river. Huge logs that require dismount , lots of rocks and one downhill that leads to a ramp/bridge that is just plain scary. I didn’t see any of this stuff(other that the downhill) at hobby. The downhill ride was cool and I can see a regular rider there just cruising through it since he knows whats coming up. I thought owl’s roost had more interesting obstacles and the view there was awesome. It’s cool how that trail is cut into the side of the banks of the lake. Hobby needed some maintenance.

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      I wouldnt say that Hobby Park isnt technical. But it is definitly not one of the most technical in the state. Hobby Park was the first mountain bike trail that I took my dad on and he rode the trail with ease. Although he did stop about halfway and decided that he wanted to watch the planes. 😏

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      Just rode Hobby last weekend for the first time this year. It used to be more technical. I probably first rode there a dozen years ago and I think it was more technical then. Since then Stink Hill/Poop Hill has been re-routed. Don’t know how that reviewer claimed to have ridden it last year, I guess he didn’t know where he was. There are some steep sections near the lake. The first ‘half’ of the trail has had some recent trail maintenance to steer people in the right direction. On the later half it’s still easy to get lost. Easy for me at least, which has always been my biggest gripe about Hobby.

      Also, new parts have been addeded. A new loop at the beginning and a new loop to finish up, which are some of my favorite sections. The first couple of miles of trail are definitely the most fun. Lots of elevation change on this trail for sure. Also a BMS track, if you’re into that.

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      Hobby is more technical for your aerobic training than it is your riding skills. To keep a good, hard pace takes some effort. The terrain is awesome for pushing the limits of your bike.

      I’ve been riding there for almost five years and I remember when stink hill looked impossible. I don’t remember it being more technical – the only thing that proved to be technical was learning to keep momentum and climbing the hills.

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