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      I’ve been looking at different hitch racks. I currently have a Yakima Buckhorn that I got at Dick’s. I now realize that I should have gotten one that the arms that holds the bikes folds down. I won’t get into how I figured that out, let’s just say they are difficult to see in the dark. Anyways, I have seen a Yakima that is basically the same that I have except the arms fold down for $189 on Dick’s website up to one that cost $250-$400. My question is are the more pricey ones really worth that money? What am I really gaining outside of built in locks and such? Right now I’m kind of out on a hitch tray type due to cost and over all bulk since it would need to hold 3 bikes. Not looking at bed mounts since I have a bed cover. I’ve mainly looked at Yakima and Thule, but am open to other brands that are solid. Any suggestions or information is appreciated.

      Stuff I’ve looked at that the support arms fold down as well as the rack itself tilts down to allow access to the bed of my truck.

      Double down $189 @ Dick’s. http://www.yakima.com/shop/bike/hitch/doubledown-4

      Ridgeback $299. http://www.yakima.com/shop/bike/hitch/ridgeback4

      Fulltitlt $419. http://www.yakima.com/shop/bike/hitch/fulltilt4

      Vertex $289. http://www.thule.com/en-us/us/products/ … -_-1260651

      Apex $399.http://www.thule.com/en-us/us/products/ … -_-1258650

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      It’s not much help, but I have a Saris rack and I’ve been impressed with it.

      It is a tray-type rack, not an arm-type, but the constructions is decent so I’m guessing it would carry over to their arm-type racks.

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      I bought this Highland Sportwing a month ago, I looked at other bike racks that allowed me to drop the tailgate on my pick-up. There were several models I looked at but the price on them was more than I was willing to spend. I also needed one that could carry 4 with ease and be completely adjustable for size of bike as I have 3 girls in my family. Each bike configured a bit different than the other. I also wanted one I could stow easy that would fit in my truck box. This rack does it all. It doesn’t take long to set up or break down, and I can easily convert it from 2 bike carrier to 4 bike with little time added. It easy on the wallet as far as bike racks go that does all the things it is capable of doing.

      http://www.amazon.com/Highland-1375500- … hitch+rack

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      If you have a pick-up truck, a tailgate pad is a very easy way to carry your bikes. I had a full size Ford and got 7 bikes on my tailgate. I no longer have a pick-up so found a used Yakima Hold-Up. it holds four bikes, with the Plus-2 add-on. It works very well. Holds the bikes securely, does not allow them to touch or bump into each other and is very fast and easy to put the bikes on and take them off. The downside is it is heavy and with the Plus-2 add-on, adds like 5 ft behind your vehicle.
      If I needed to replace it, I would take a hard look at the Northshore racks. They are not cheap, but seem like a very good design. Like so many things though, not cheap.

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