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      Hey All,

      Does anyone tote their full suspension bike(s) using a hitch rack like this: http://www.rhinorack.com/en-us/products/sport-leisure/bike-carriers/hitch/cruiser4-bike-carrier_rbc051

      Going to be renting some full suspensions for the summer, until I buy a bike after Outerbike in August (Crested Butte event – hehe want to ride a bunch first), but I’m wondering if I will need a hitch rack that allows the bikes to stand, instead of hanging.  Let me know what you think and thanks in advance!


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      I prefer the tray style hitch racks. Of course, they’re way more expensive, but the ease of use is worth it. With the dangling style, you may have to get a crossbar adapter depending on your frame’s design. And, once you add more bikes to the mix, you have to get creative with padding to keep them from banging into one another.

      Something like this from the same company is what I like: http://www.rhinorack.com/en-us/products/sport-leisure/bike-carriers/hitch/dual-trekker-platform-hitch-bike-carrier_rbc048

      It only touches the tire and straps around the rear wheel so your frame won’t get scuffed up.

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      Agreed, you can run into problems hauling FS bikes with a hanging rack. Greg tested a 4-bike rack like that several years ago, and it was comical to see how we had to contort our bikes to fit 4 on at one time.

      That being said, a 4-bike tray-style hitch rack is going to be mega expensive, and mega heavy. If you only need to haul 2 bikes, I say spend a bit more and go for a tray style hitch rack. If you truly need to haul more than 2 bikes at a time, the hanging rack is probably a good call.

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      yeah I second Aaron’s sentiments. I love my Kuat Sherpa. Tray or platform racks are just far easier to use than the prong style…and with all the weird frame geometries of MT bikes it just makes using a tray rack that much easier.
      That said, the prong racks do make excellent bike repair stands, especially for field repairs, but that’s about the only advantage that I have experienced.

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      Just realized this guy was in the Singletracks “Deals” email today:


      It’s a two-bike, tray-style hitch rack for basically the same price as the hanging 4-bike rack from Rhino.

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      Thanks for your responses! I really appreciate your feedback.

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      1up’s are the way to go! I’ve been very happy with mine





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        ^^^this, a friend have one and so far its very stable and quick to load/unload, and most of all, light. Just like the idea that I can buy just a 1 tray rack. Will get one soon after I trash my cheap rack.

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