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      Time for the family summer vacation. My wife has a Jeep Liberty with the spare tire in the back. My yakima stick up will not fit due to the spare tire. Yakima says that a hitch extension cannot be used. What if I were to buy a hitch extension and have it welded onto the Jeep’s hitch. Would this work? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!!!

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      don’t most jeeps come standard with roof racks? if so, i think it would be a significantly better idea to invest in bike trays for the roof, since you wouldn’t have the cost of purchasing a base rack. it is a lot more secure, and would give you a lot more peace of mind (and keep the bikes more out of the way). just remember not to go through any drive thrus.

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      As I understand it, the extensions can’t (shouldn’t) be used because of the extra length causing increased motion over bumps. The additional leverage can cause the racks main support tube to fail.

      Overly simple, but is it possible for you to remove the jeep’s spare and stick it in the back (or on the roof rack-check your jeep dealer or aftermarket for a spare tire mount) when you need to carry the rack? If not, they do make spare-mounted racks and receiver racks with enough extra reach to clear a spare tire.[/url]

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      If you do decide to use an extension with your existing rack (nice rack, btw) I’d suggest running a support strap(s) from the spare down to the outer end, or to the corners to take some of the load off the hitch mount. That just might save you from disaster if you hit some good bumps.

      I don’t recommend doing this, having had a failure myself (not due to an extension, but rather an RV, which cost us 3 bikes. Extension would be similar in additional strain I’d think.) Your call though.

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      I used a spare tire mount on my Jeep Wrangler and it was a great solution and not terribly expensive.

      For the liberty, a roof rack would also be a great solution.

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      yes, got at least two more votes for the roof rack!

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