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      MTB content begins around 16 minutes if you’re impatient.

      I never realized how many Mongoose products I owned as a kid until I saw this video. I had their mags, I raced a Super Goose, I had the Decade, their first freestyle bike and I’m somewhat ashamed to admit that I was an early adopter of the Mongoose scooter.

      Never ridden one of their MTB’s, however. Maybe I should buy one from Wal-Mart to try 😀

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      "schwim" wrote

      Never ridden one of their MTB’s, however. Maybe I should buy one from Wal-Mart to try 😀

      sure, go ahead. You’ll train your muscles to race-ready level with their "lightweight aluminum" frames and wheels 😃
      I’ve had XR250 before I bought my Stumpy a year ago. Ridden it a lot on gravel paths and around town and had no issues… Till I hit a real rocky/rooty singletrack. Then upgraded 😀
      They have some high-end models though

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      "stumpyfsr" wrote

      They have some high-end models though

      True and I was just poking a little fun while stating the obvious; that the Mongoose everyone talks about on the video is long gone and exists just in trademark now.

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      Great video! Thanks!

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      Hey Schwim, they do have high end Mongoose MTB’s and BMX’s as well that are not even closely related to Wally World, K-Mart, Target, or Toys-R-Us….. 😆 😆 😆

      I used to own a Black Diamond Triple that was off the hook for DH racing and FR. They have all kinds of higher end MTB’s, DJ’s, BMX’s to choose from that are really tip top bikes. We have several riders riding the Nugget, Pinn’r, Boot’r, Teocali, and Ritual among others as well.

      I too grew up on Mongoose, Redline, and Raleigh bikes and loved them all, and sometime I miss those good ole days… 😄

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      My first mountain bike was a goose. Ultra Storm!

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      here is my wal-goose..snarl 29" .goes up and down expert trails 2-3 times a week. 35lbs

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