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      Alright, alright, so… not THAT kind of rack…

      I recently picked up a 2014 Subaru CrossTrek and have been going about adding on an after-market hitch, mainly so I could justify buying a real bike rack! I did a lot of research, really wanting just a few basics:
      – Two bike carrier
      – Wheel tray design with either top tube or wheel stabilizing arm
      – Locks on the arms
      – Lock for the frame to the vehicle
      – Not costing a month’s rent

      There’s a clique of riders around me who are total gear snobs and basically balked at anything that didn’t say "Thule," which I find ridiculous. The local MTB club chapter shed some better light, and from those conversations, this little guy came up: The SportRack SR2901LR 2-Bike Lock and Tilt Platform Hitch Rack.

      After scouring down internet reviews, the general consensus I find is this is made by a Thule subsidiary, has a lifetime warranty, and is quite a steal for the price: $180 plus tax.

      Anyone else got one? What do you use for a rack?

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      I run, uh, Thule roof racks. I also have a 1UP rack for my fatty.

      I scoured Craigslist and got all my Thule gear for a song.

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      "maddslacker" wrote

      I scoured Craigslist and got all my Thule gear for a song.

      Probably stolen. My roof rack was swiped off my (unlocked) car at a Home Depot.

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      But mine came with the keys and lock cylinders … 😎

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      So how is your SportRack holding up one year later? Would you recommend it? Is it an option for carrying fat bikes?

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        I still dig it! It transports two bikes just fine and does exactly what it sets out to do. I also like that it can be broken down and folded into a few shapes in attempts at storing it inside the car.

        The wheel housings won’t hold a fat tire, though.

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