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      Okay I have searched and nobody ever mentions hemorrhoids. So I will go first. Mine are internal. Missed riding in Prescott last year because of a flare up. 😢

      Why am I telling a bunch of strangers this? If you are passionate about riding I hope you never suffer from them. Keeps one from riding.

      Mid June this year it happened again. Decided to see a real DR and put this behind for good. Doc said you need a colorectal surgeon. Surgeon does a banding on two ‘rhoids. After 16 days 100% relief! Jumped on my bike and took a 30 minute easy ride- green & blue trails. Might have come back to that too soon. 😔

      Anyway, at my 6 wk follow up I told the doc things had gotten better then got worse. He banded two more. This time no relief.Fortunately, mine aren’t bleeding or anything like that. Feels like an insect bite. It’s hard for me drive my car 30 minutes to work. Been taking ibuprofen & trying sitz bath 2-3 times a day.Reaching out to my fellow 50’ish riders looking for advice. Last thing I want is surgery for them. Heard it is nothing but horrendous pain for months.

      Thanks for letting me vent. 🤬

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      Wish you the best in getting past that issue, XCridah.

      I chose to have a myocardial infarction in lieu of that issue. Don’t recommend it!

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