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      So, I’m a bit late getting on my new years resolutions, but I want to learn a few helpful skills and tricks beyond the basic skills (bunny hops, track stands etc.) I can already do a lot of basic stuff, but I want to learn some things that are fun and look impressive. Here is what I was thinking for me, but any other input is very appreciated as I’m not sure if these ones are the best to learn plus any advice on learning any of these would be great!:

      -Hold a manual for 20-30 yards (currently I can get into a manual but not hold it at all)

      -learn pedal kicks (I can already do rear wheel hops)


      -up to rear

      -stoppie for 10+ yards

      Any advice is appreciated to help me get these down!

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      Skills with Phil on Youtube helps with some of these. Keep practicing everyday until you crash. Then get up and try again until you crash. This method seems to be working for me on riding longer wheelies and manuals.

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      Get your core into shape and you will find these easier (not easy) to learn ! Youtube is ofcourse your friend, <span style=”text-decoration: underline;”>perfect</span> practice makes perfect !

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