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    i am new to moutain biking and what is a good beginners bike? right now i have some p.o.s. i got from my dad. I was thinking of a trek 820 is this a good bike? i do not have that much money to spend.

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    What do you have to spend? Be prepared for some sticker shock.

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    i have a tops of 500 to spend.

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    "jmaraptor" wrote

    i have a tops of 500 to spend.

    Give craig’s list a look. You can usually find some pretty nice used hardtails in your price range.

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    This is a good time to shop. You can find some good clearance deals on last years models ( 08 ) which should put quite a few bikes in your range.

    Okay, Ill seperate them by manufacturer
    Gary Fisher





    Iron Horse

    The key is to find a bike that feels good. If you fall in the Large bike frame category it may be slim pickings so keep looking.

    One more thing, spend as close to the 500 that you can.

    You may want to set enough money aside to buy a new saddle and tires. Most bikes in this price range have uncomfortable seats and tires that leave much to be desired.

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    I bouht a Giant Yukon this past spring for just over 500. I don’t have any complaints so far. Will slowly up grade and add some stuff. Bought clipless pedals. I found it amazing what can be bought for this price range. Front suspension, disc brakes. These were all new to me.

    Bring cash when ready to buy and ask for a deal.

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    My brother is in the same predicament and just bought an Iron Horse Warrior 5.0 (hardtail) this week for $500.00. I rode with him this morning and I have to say for the money it is pretty nice. It has Rock Shox Tora fork avid juicy 3 brakes, crank brother smarty clipless pedals and SRAM/FSA drive train. I have to say the tires were pretty good too (WTB Weirwolf). He bought it from an online bike store (can’t remember which one) but I just looked online and I found prices ranging from $499 (Randall Scott Company) to $699 (Nashbar) for the same bike. It cam in 5 business days and came mostly assembled. Shop around

    Link to the Iron Horse Warrior 5.0 … =277548175


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    Lets not forget K2 as an option. The K2 Crush can be picked from The Sports Athourity for around $400 witch leaves you $100 to upgrade with. You can also get a 2 year no questions asked full parts replacement warranty an extra $50. I ride one (check out my bikes in my profile) and I love it 😎

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    I hate to say it but you should check out local pawn shops some people fall on hard times and hock some amazing rides. my friend found a Cannondale Scalpel for 475 the other day that was cosmetically beaten up but still a killer bike for under 500 bones.


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