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      I know its short notice, but whats a 15 mile and under loop we couod do in Pisgah or some good views or things to see? Love creek crossings, high views, etc

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      Are you set on doing 15 miles or are you really shooting for more of a 2-hourish ride? I ask because in Pisgah, most rides are measured by time not distance. There are plenty of 15 mile loops that will take the average rider 4 hours or more!

      Assuming you have the time, Laurel Mountain is about a 15 mile loop, has a couple views (these are rare in Pisgah), and creek crossings. It’s also one of the steepest and most technical in Pisgah. I recommend at least 4 hours to complete this loop.

      For a slightly less rowdy (but no less fun!) route, you might choose the Cove Creek / Daniel Ridge loop. If you’re in good shape, this one can be completed in 2-3 hours. Lots of creek crossings, fun descents, but no views.

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      Thanks for the reply. We ended up just heading back to Dupont, which is hard to beat. I think maximum time Ive ridden is like 3.5 hours and like 17 miles at somewhere like Dupont. I get dehydrated faster than anyone Ive ever seen in my life. So carb/electrolyte and water/gatorade capacity get me about that far. Ive already got 3 liters of water, 2-3 32OZ gatorades, and eat like 2-3 Cliff bars 45g carbs each. I tell ya, Im ridiculous. Had this issue im football too, not as much a training issue, but more of a sweat issue. Anyway, Dupont was awesome. Thanks for the tips. May try one later when it gets cold cold. Cheers


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      Nice. I get bad leg cramps on hot rides so I feel ya!

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