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      Hi all,

      I am a 16 year old MTB rider and doing my A levels and an EPQ in engineering. I have chosen to do my EPQ in MTB trails and bike parks etc focusing on the physics and engineering side of the designs, as in, what makes them flow, how physics etc is used to make a jump work, a hip function well, the berms flow etc.I am hoping there is someone on here who could help me in finding the information and found 3rd party people or companies to help me research and also who could help me see how a trail/park is designed as I will need to make a 3D print of the design for my final project.

      I know it’s quite a big ask but as I am an avid rider myself I thought the best place to go would be to the MTB community.TIA

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      That is an interesting idea but the trail builders I am aware of are just riders who “know” how to do it.  They eyeball it,  build it,  refine it, then send it.  I think the calculations of projectile trajectory would apply (in theory),  but the infinite inputs of rider technique, cornering ability, suspension settings,  wheel size, tire pressure, would make it pretty difficult to meaningfully model it mathematically.  You might be able to get it close enough for a school project

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        Thanks for the responses, I do see how it’s more of an experience, trial and error way to build. I’m going to include a lot of that in my project so thank you for your ideas.

        I will contact the people that have been recommended too, thanks so much for your time.

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      Maybe call Peter at Elevated Trail Design. I’d bet he’d at least steer you in a good direction


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      My observation of trail builders is that they kind of know but ultimately they get close and ride it to see if it works. Having built a few small runs behind my house and realizing there needs to be more room for turns or whatever, I feel there should be some basic rules of thumb. I would focus on what is the rule of the thumb and then what are the allowances that fit within the parameter. It seems builders intuitively know this and use a bit of art to design the trails based on what the terrain gives them.

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