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      Hi, I’m looking to buy my first full suspension mountain bike to take to the trails.
      I have 2 bikes to choose from:

      2016 Scott Spark 960

      2016 Fuji Outland 29er 1.1

      Any recommendation? Thank you in advance!

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      I guess my last post messed up and didn’t submit, so here goes a second try at it.  Both bikes are nice starter full suspension bikes.  I like the rear shock on the Scott, but since the Scott is a 900 series it looks as if it is only 100mm travel so for travel wise I lean more towards the Fuji.  As far as the fork goes they are about the same for that level of shock.  The Scott is a three by nine with lower end  rear derailleur on it, where as the Fuji is a two by ten with a higher end rear derailleur.  As far as the Fuji only being a two on the front means it will have a lower high range than the Scott, but with having a ten on the back it will only be slightly lower on the high end.  The front derailleur on the Scott is slightly better than the Fuji, but being that the front derailleur is less important than the rear, I would have to still lean towards the Fuji as far as derailleurs going being that it has the xt on the rear.  The shifters are really the only difference left between the two bike.  The Scott has the alivio which is slightly lower than the Fuji’s deores.  All in all I would lean more towards the Fuji.

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      I have Alivio shifters on my bike and would’t let that worry you, and I agree with the 120mm of front travel being nice, but I have no idea how good or bad the marvel fork is on the Fuji.  The Rock shox 30 silver is pretty nice, but surprised the Scott doesn’t have the 120mm Rock Shox, 30 gold.  Overall of those two I would lean toward the Fuji also.

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      I rode the Spark 960 and really liked it. I went back to buy it and it was gone, so instead I went with a hard tail Fuji Tahoe 29er 1.5 I love it. I have had no problems and have ridden hard, so based off of what I see in the quality of my Fuji I would go with the Fuji also.

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