Help to identify bottom bracket type

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      I have a Giant XTC SX.

      It’s quite old, I don’t know the year I got it second hand.

      I need to figure out the bottom bracket type so I can replace it, and what special tools I need etc.. I can’t even find out how to remove the (Truvativ) pedal cranks!

      Hopefully someone can identify it from the photos.

      There is also some writing on it which may give a clue.

      Single Bearing    68mm Shell, O-ring ..73mm Shell No O-ring  .. Cup Will Not Bottom Out on Frame  O-ring Cup Will Not Bottom Out on Frame.

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      That is an ISIS spindle BB. Proper crank arm puller works similarly to the old time square taper type puller.

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      Many thanks Sunspot. All is clear now.

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      Glad to hep!

      LBS should have or be able to supply the proper puller for the crankset if the bolt does not do this. It was actually common for the ISIS type crankset to have a mounting bolt and insert that doubles as a removal tool.

      Make certain the tool is completely threaded into the crank arm to prevent pulling the threads out of the arm.


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      Crank puller & bracket tool already ordered.

      Hopefully next weekend my pedalling won’t sound like I’m grinding coffee


      Being new to cycling I’m also struggling a bit with the acronyms.

      LBS. I had to think about that one for a while.

      ISIS. Phew. No Caliphate connection after all. ☺️

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      FKPhil, no Caliphate! Unless our bikes started one and didn’t tell us about their doings…

      As for the bike, it may have a few years under its belt but still would be a joy to be out rolling on two wheels. GO for it and have a hella good time riding.

      Note, BB shell and BB are oddly left and right hand threaded. Drive side loosens counterclockwise while the non drive side loosens clockwise… Pedals follow the same rules!



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      If you’re standing on the driveside, the BB cups will tighten counterclockwise… Damn coffee I.V. is ineffective today!

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      Thanks. I didn’t know that one either!!!

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      Hi, and how to go about removing the bottom bracket: ring seem to be soft aluminum.

      Hopefully once the cup is removed, you can see fi a splined tool will fit

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