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      I recently took my bike in to get the front chainrings, and chain replaced. They did did it quickly and nicely. But once I took it out to ride I noticed a problem. Whenever I’m in gear 8(also 16&24) and if Im pedaling hard, for ex. up hill or anytime I’m standing the chian seems to “slip” every once in a while. It seems to happen in a pattern like when it gets to a certian spot in the chain but I cant see anything wrong with it. I will be pedaling the chain will make a KLUNK sound and the pressure on the pedals will be gone for a second. Its just when I have it in 8, 16 or 24 or if you say it this way 1-8, 2-8, 3-8. If I pedal slowly it does not happen. Does anyone know what could be happening here? Could it be something the bike shop did, they also did a little work on my back derailer. They were very proffesional and I’d think they’d have told my if they messed up, just wanted to see what y’all think. Thanks for your help!

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      I had this happen on a brand new bike…I thought I messed it up with some crappy shifting technique.

      Get off the bike and pedal backwards real slow…watch the chain go through the bottom tensioning wheel and see if it grabs it. If it does, look at the chain and see if you have a link sticking…

      I thought because my chain was new it shouldn’t do that…however, it did…After a liberal amount of Pedro’s chain wax and working it in by hand…the problem went away. I do regularly wipe off and wax my chain.

      Could be another problem…but you described the problem I had to a “T”…Let me know how it works out…

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      usually when you go throught the trouble of changing the front chainrings and the chain you should change the cassette also. All of your parts tend to get a MESH with each other . Take it to the bike shop and have them check out your cassette, there is a tool and it only takes a minuit. I would bet a new cassete would fix the problem.

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      Did you change the cog set also. If the chain was waaaaaay bad it will egg the teeth on the cog. c-3667 called it

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