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      Hi guys, as I’m sure you can see I’m new here and to biking.  Ive been doing research as to what bike would be good for a beginner.  I know the more money you spend the better, but my budget is around 500. Im about 6 ft 2 so i think a 20-21 inch bike would suit me well.  I plan on starting by riding mostly dirt trails and such at my local parks etc. After getting my feet wet and getting back in shape a bit id like to then get into some singletrack, something a little more challenging but nothing too crazy.  So basically id like a bike that would be good for just casual trail biking, but also good enough for the occasion rough terrain. The reason for this post is i found is having a 25% off on a lot of bikes. i was wondering if i could get some help from the experts. here are a couple bikes that i picked out…

      i have 3 diamondback bikes and 1 nashbar selected there. the one diamondback is more then id like to spend (would be about 650 after the discount and shipping). Also just fyi, i wouldn’t be able to go out a ton, maybe 1 or 2 times a month for while. I have two young kids and work so that takes up most of my time. Please give me any input, advice etc that you can! thank you!!

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      The XTC forks on the top two bikes are not rated for anything but the very easiest single track.  I would recommend the last one, still not as good as a full air fork, but pretty good.

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        thanks for the reply and for your opinion. I had a feeling the most expensive one would get the votes lol.  What do you think of the diamondback overdrive sport? (The 3rd one) the sale ends today so I’m gonna have to make a quick tough decision haha

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      The top one obviously has the better components so you can’t go wrong with that.

      The Nashbar isn’t in stock until May 21st and it has lower components than the Diamondback of the same price.

      For the Overdrive Expert and Overdrive Sport, for the extra $100 MSRP/$70 real money you’ll get a better fork, hydraulic brakes, and an extra cassette gear giving you a lower overall gearing but a smaller top end also. However, the Sport won’t be available until May 10th.

      I think both lower end DBs would be excellent first bikes. If you can spend the extra cash/wait a bit get the Sport model ( If not, get the Expert. Both of them are better bikes than I started with! 😀

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        Thank you Jared! I can definitely wait a few weeks for the bike to arrive,  so that’s not an issue.  Also,  I think I am leaving toward the Diamonback sport. As you said,  the extra 100 bucks will get me some better parts. It’s also still in the range that I’m looking to spend so that’s always a plus! As I mentioned in my original post I don’t plan on doing anything too extreme,  this is just more about getting back in shape,  enjoying the outdoors and having a little adventure.  I think any one of these bikes should be ok handling what I’ll throw at them…but I’d hate to get the cheapest one n regret it later.  Would you recommend the 20 or 22 inch frame? I’m around 6 ft 1 and 200lbs.

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        So I went to order the Diamonback overdrive sport but found that it wouldn’t be shipped until July 26th. I’d rather not wait that long.  So I’m down to 2 bikes,  the Diamonback overdrive expert 29er,  and the Diamonback recoil 29er Is there any significant difference between the two? If you guys could help me out that would be great!  25% off ends tonight!! Thanks!

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      Sorry man, I got busy with work/family near the end of the week and didn’t have time to kill on the forums.

      Did you end up going with one or the other?

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      I like the first one.

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      No problem bud, I actually wound up going with the Diamonback Axis.  Couple reasons why…I think the 27.5 inch wheels will benefit the type of riding I’ll do most as compared to the 29 inch wheels.  Also because my local dicks sporting goods had that bike in stock so I was able to go in and sit on it and see how it fit me.  I was nervous about ordering a bike online after not having been on a bike in a long long time.  So doing that made me feel a little more comfortable.  I ordered on Nashbar.Com for 399. Should get it tomorrow.  May not be the greatest bike, but I’m just looking for something I can ride on a paved trail and the occasional dirt/stone trail with some small obstacles. Nothing major at all.

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