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      I ride a lot of street, bunny hopping up curbs, onto park benches etc. I also ride a LOT of climbs. Where I live there are lots of steep climbs to be made, and I actually enjoy the feeling of accomplishment the first time I make a climb without taking a break. (I’m fat).

      My question is this: Which style of bike geometry would be best balanced for these types of riding? I currently run an 05′ Specklized Hardrock upgraded forks, brakes and everything else really. But this bike leaves me wanting in the street a bit. I want something with a little more slack so I can pop it up easier. I can clear about 15″ on a bunny hop with it but I feel limited.

      What say you, oh knowers of stuff about these things?

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      The styles you describe are on opposite ends of the spectrum so it’d be tough to try and make one bike do them both well. Street style is for dirt jumpers so look at geometry figures for bikes like the Deity Cryptkeeper or Streetsweeper. Stacks are usually high and they often run a rising stem with a 1″ or more rise bar so you can get the front end up quickly. Climbing, on the other hand, requires weighting the front end more so longer stems, flatter bars, and bikes that typically aren’t as playful. I’d buy 2 bikes if you’re really into the 2 disciplines. DJs can be had used pretty cheap and you’ll bang it up anyway so don’t bother spending too much. If you really only want one bike, check out some slopstyle bikes like the Trek Ticket. You might be able to set that up for climbing and singletracking and it would be killer in the streets

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      Cool man, thanks for your input. I realize that asking one bike to do both disciplines well is not really going to happen but like I said I appreciate the information and I am going to check out that Trek as well as compare geometry on a few DJ bikes.

      … And as long as I can hide it from my wife, maybe I should get a second bike lol.. maybe I can pass a DJ off as being for my son hahaha

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      I like the Giant STP for street and just about anything hardtail for climbing. 27.5″ tires and about 70 degree head angle. And of course you know the formula of how many bikes you need right?

      n + 1 = H where H is how many bikes you need and N is how many bikes you already have.

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      The milwaukee bicycle co bruiser is the first bike to come to mind that would fit most of what you need; the issue is that it’s single speed…I love mine, I’ve had it for over 5 years and beat the living hell out of it.

      I’ve heard through a friend that they are introducing a new one that is rear derailleur compatible? May want to hit them up and see?

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