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      Okay. In order for me to even think of riding a bike again, it needs to fit these requirements. Sorry if it sounds like a personals ad, but as I’ve said before my Nomad [i:21la0cra]was[/i:21la0cra] my last remaining & only best friend… sad but true.

      So everyone keep an eye out; craigslist, local ads & LBS-deals, friends selling their old bike, etc. I just don’t have the energy or patience to go nuts searching for a deal that probably doesn’t exist.

      A. A mountainbike with +4" of suspension F/R and a decent pedalling platform. One of the big reasons why I could ride my Santa Cruz after getting screwed up was the efficient pedalling. And it can’t be a dinosaur, in either age/weight. I’ve done a LOT of looking, and there’s nothing older than ’04/’05 that is lightweight enough and has enough travel, excepting DH race bikes. And it’s a pipe-dream but a huge plus would be finding something that I could test new tech on, so that I’d be able to get back into the swing of things writing up stuff for Singletracks, and most of all make riding much easier on my screwed-up spine.

      B. A Nirve cruiser. This is the ONLY bike design I’ve found besides FS mtb’s that have the right geometry and setup that allows me to ride without suspension to speak of besides a springer fork and squishy comfy saddle. But unlike the vast majority of other cruisers, Nirve bikes are [i:21la0cra]quality[/i:21la0cra] and able to be "klunkerized". See my old project Nirve, also stolen.

      C. Under $800. That’s every spare cent I’ve been able to scrape up for a bicycle. Otherwise it’s going towards buying a rust-bucket honda or something, cause my VW is gone.

      It may be a dumb choice, but seeing as how I’ll probably never be able to work (or find) a real job any time in the near or distant future, I don’t see any sense in buying transportation that I soon wouldn’t be able to afford driving anyways (gas, insurance, etc).

      At least with a bicycle, even a "well-ridden" but quality one (Fisher, SantaCruz, Specialized, C-Dale, etc), I could get myself around, out of the house, and keep from being completely sedentary…. so spending every last cent to my name would be worth it.

      I’m posting up here because it’s my last resort; I’ve not been able to find [i:21la0cra]anything[/i:21la0cra] online from ebay or craigslist that fits my needs & budget, although I should probably just take the hint and forget about bikes. I could buy a lot of seasonal bus passes with $800.

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      There is an 09 Jamis Parker for sale at the LBS here.6" front and rear and I believe he said $850…bet that could be talked down $50.

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      Bomber buddy!
      Dude Ive missed seeing your name on here, first I need too apologize for not keeping up with the current events, (Ive had to go back and read up on your posts here to figure out whats up) Im on the road and my internet access is occasional at best so I have a hard time keeping up with all the forum posts-

      Having back issues myself I understand what you mean by ‘too cheap’ of a bike to ride, and Im not sure if these would work for you but just about two weeks ago I seen a few Trek Fuel’s (not sure what #) for sale at Poco’s in Truckee, CA for just that- $800. They were last summers rental bikes. Dude, google their phone # and give them a call, they had several other used bikes too, you just never know-
      Im in AZ right now or Id run back and take a look for ya.

      Last spring I picked up a Tomac off of Craigslist in Denver, and there were many decent bikes getting listed however they never stayed there more than a day or so, which got real frustrating, in the end I just got lucky. Keep watching, and let us know whats up, Ill keep my eyes open for a bike out here-

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      Jenson still has some Jamis Parkers for $799, but they’re down to medium and smalls now.

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      I got a buddy with a 2003 or so Rocky Mountain DH bike I’m waiting to hear back from for the price and all the correct specs on it.Let me know if that interestes you.

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      "GALAXY" wrote

      There is an 09 Jamis Parker for sale at the LBS here.6" front and rear and I believe he said $850…bet that could be talked down $50.

      Just a heads up…rear suspension travel is 100mm on the parker. Its a fun bike btw.

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      "fat_boy" wrote

      [quote="GALAXY":1cnfkf8x]There is an 09 Jamis Parker for sale at the LBS here.6" front and rear and I believe he said $850…bet that could be talked down $50.

      Just a heads up…rear suspension travel is 100mm on the parker. Its a fun bike btw.[/quote:1cnfkf8x]

      Ahh,sorry for that wrong info.It is a nice spongy 4" though!!

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      Well, my budget isn’t $800 anymore…. it’s more like $100 +/- $20. My unemployment’s been cut off too so there’s nothing else coming. When I left Colorado I had only the clothes on my back and what could fit in my suitcase, but I thought it’d be enough to get me by for job hunting until I found something for a paycheck. It wasn’t, and I think my limited wardrobe has certainly not been helping my employment prospects. So my having to buy a couple button-down shirts and a pair of decent shoes, paying for the gas I’ve used driving my mom’s van around while job-hunting & on doctor visits, and now rent for storage of what’s left of my crap back in the Springs…. has damn near wiped out my bankroll. The only person back there in Colorado who was from my last Army unit and I thought was my friend; who said he’d get the lock off the storage unit & ship my important things back, reneged on his promise even with my offering to pay for the shipping & his time…. he just flat out said "no, I don’t feel like wasting my time or money on your crappy decisions".
      So I had to pay the storage fees, and now I have to find a locksmith who’ll be able to cut the lock off & a way to get them into the storage facility in the first place; and then finally, figure out a way to get the most important things left in there shipped to me here in FL…… all without being completely ripped-off & the last of my belongings getting cleaned out. If it hasn’t happened already, which would not be a surprise. That’s what happens every time I try trusting people with really sensitive or important parts of my life. I’m pretty afraid to find out if I’ve been ripped off again or not though…. I’d almost rather keep paying the storage fees and still believe that the last few scraps of my life were still there, waiting.

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      How much stuff are we talking about? Station wagon? Truck? UHaul?

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      I was thinkin the same thing slack,but I dont have a truck anymore,I do have my ford explorer though.

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      I have a station wagon and access to my friend’s truck.

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      I just got invited by a buddy to CO Springs this morning and may make it over there within the next week or so. My jeep is pretty full but if there is any manual labor or support needed count me in- just leave me a note on here.

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      I’m in Tampa now.

      I’m still trying to find a locksmith that’ll do the work without me there. I called a few not long after I got here and from the tone of the responses I got it was pretty obvious they thought I was trying to rip someone off, and the ‘smiths didn’t want anything to do with me and haven’t really tried anyone else since. Hell, I could’ve done it myself with a good hand-held electric angle-grinder/cutoff wheel. I paid extra $$$ when I first got the place for a bolt-cutter-proof lock. Smart me. <yawn>

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      I don’t understand why you need to cut the lock…did yo lose the key?

      Will the proprietor of the storage facility cut the lock for you?

      As for the locksmiths, you’ll need a letter from the storage facility showing that you balance is paid and that your account is in good standing, and then they’ll be willing to help you with the lock.

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