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      First post, first bike, first ride.

      Today was my first ride ever on a bike I bought used.  I’m now hooked.

      Im pretty sure I’ll need new brake pads.  I knew they were worn when I bought the bike, and after today seeing other bikes it’s pretty clear I’ll need them sooner than later.  The bike has Shimano deore XT calipers.  I saw online there are a lot of part numbers for “Shimano deore XT”.  How can I identify which caliper I have?  I didn’t notice any part numbers on the caliper itself.  Do all XT pads fit XT calipers?



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      You’re not going to save much by buying brake pads online.  If you buy the wrong ones online, it will be a hassle to return them.  Go to your local bike shop and ask them for the right brake pads.  Get metallic brake pads if they make them for your brakes.  Metallic pads brake better than organic pads and last longer.  Keep the package and next time you will know which pads you need if you want to order online.

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      Hi Guidoc,

      Are you able to pul the worn pads out and check the part number on the back? It should be printed on the smooth rear-facing metal surface.

      Here is a helpful video that explains how to swap the pads.

      Shimano makes XT calipers with two and four piston configurations for more or less braking power, and they use different size pads.

      Hope that helps.


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