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      Got a trainer for my Birthday and wanted to swap my small platform peddles out for the ones that came with my bike since they’re huge and more comfortable for riding in the basement.

      First one came off just fine using my Park Tool wrench. Second one is stripped huge, I pretty much put the wrench on and gave it a little tug and watched metal shavings drop everywhere. So my question is how do I get this stripped POS off, I’d normally pull the crank arm off but its on the chainring side and thats not a option for me. I’d also hate to think I was trying to turn it the wrong way so do I go counter clockwise or clockwise. Kind of embarassing for a guy who did a ton of home renovations and has a room of tools but can’t get a simple platform off.

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      Is your bike still under warrenty??Get the cranks warrentied if it is,and if not check with your LBS about getting the one’s that are stripped fixed.

      The chain ring side is right hand thread so it will unscrew to the left as your facing it from the outside of the pedal.Here is a link to the park tool website about pedals;


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      Pedals are threaded in opposite directions. You get the drive side (the right side as seated forward on the bike) loose by turning counter clockwise. The left side (the one without the gears on it) gets loose by turning clockwise. I’ve seen cheap pedals strip under very little load when they weren’t greased properly before installation so make sure you put a little dab on yours when you install them next time.

      Hope that helps. Good luck.

      PS. -if they aren’t already, you may want to mark them right and left so you can tell them apart quickly once you have them of the bike. Saves you some future hassle of figuring out which on you picked up.

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      I’ll need to pick up a cheater bar and clamp in the vice grips to pull these bad boys off, I didn’t grease or teflon the threads before threading them, done enough plumbing to have about a mile of teflon tape in the house.

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      I’ve been in your shoes before and I have a suggestion. Go spend $15 on a decent 15mm pedal wrench and save yourself the $$ on the blood pressure pills that you would need if you tried it the other way. I don’t know how many 4 letter words I’ve yelled while dealing with heavily torqued pedals. Most call for about 300 in. lbs of torque so the right tools are going to make a big difference. They keep your pedals looking nice and they’ll save some of your sanity. It’s too late for me, but you still might have a chance.

      Good luck.

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      Yeah the wrench I picked up was good, the user… not so much.

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