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      I need help in selecting for a good XC hardtail bike fame.
      So any advice on a good frame?

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      I’d add that finding the best frame really depends on what you’re looking for. Choosing a hard tail over a FS frame is narrowing things down a bit but are you looking to optimize for speed and weight or price? Are you considering a 29er or a frame for standard 26" wheels?

      If it’s speed you’re looking to maximize, I’d consider high-end frames made from either carbon fiber or titanium. Scott has some great carbon frames for mountain bikes and Litespeed does amazing things with titanium.

      Of course fast bikes aren’t cheap and if you’re on a tight budget, consider buying a frame from In years past they’ve offered a $50 aluminum HT frame – a steal if you ask me (though the cheapest one I see today is $199). If it’s a 29er HT you’re considering, look at Redline or Niner.

      I see you’re in Vietnam so that may affect availability. What are some of the mountain bike brands you can get over there? That could narrow things down a bit more…

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      Ill second Mongoose’s input there, I ride a Rockhopper and can vouch for its strength.
      Recently I seen one of them ‘How they made it’ shows and it took a 45 MPH run itno a brick wall to crack the frame on one of the FS FSR’s – pretty impressive 😮
      I have to think some of that attention to strength and detail goes into their HT’s also.

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      I think Gary Fisher makes a pretty good frame, too. I don’t have experience with many other frames, but I really like my fisher for the xc stuff I ride.

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      A lot depends on price here.If you are looking to spend over 1500 on a frame I suggest you with a custom built frame. Full custom where every tube size, length and angle is exactly what you want/need. Whatever you want you can have (for a price).

      Lots of builders listed here:
      Not all do mountain bikes you will have to look through.

      I had a custom frame built for me in 2001 by Russ Denny in Southern California. Riding it is an amazing experience. He talked with me for about an hour and measured the heck out of my 3 most favorite bikes. The hardest part for me was picking the color – Russ did all the work. 8 weeks later I had a frame. I don’t do much of that type of riding right now (velodrome) but I still have it and will probably still have it when I am 80. Hopefully I can have him do a mountain bike for me soon. [url:10eb2a5j][/url:10eb2a5j] his website is not so fancy, he builds bikes and is always full with work.

      There is no "best bike" for everybody. The reason why there are so many choices is that everybody is different. To me custom is the way to go – the expense and agony is worth it.

      I hope this helps

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