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      Looking to get a bike for me and my wife.  Want a do it all bike that I will enjoy that won’t break the bank.  Most of riding will be smooth to medium rough trails I will be more aggressive than wife.  Looking to a do it all bike

      my budget is maybe $2500 for me and under $2k for wife

      i know opening a can of worms but so much out there I don’t know where to start


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      Checkout your local bike shops, they can assist you with the right bike for the trails in your area.

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      Here are 2 bikes I highly recommend. These are short-travel 29er Trailbikes which I think are the best all-around bikes for most average Trail riders.

      $2350 2021 Giant Trance 29 Probably the best full-sus budget bike you can get. Very good spec at this price point. Most sub $3000 bikes are not as well equipped.

      $3000 2021 Ibis Ripley AF Probably, the best $3000 full-sus bike that you could get and a better bike than the Giant Trance 29. Better spec and better geo than the Trance 29.

      You couldn’t go wrong with either bike. Right out of the box, both of these bikes are ready to ride.

      And here’s some free advice. If you want your wife to ride with you, she should have a bike that is at least as good as yours and probably better. It’s likely that she weighs much less than you and therefore, would benefit from having a lighter bike which would cost more. My wife rides a lighter and therefore more expensive bike than I do.

      Also, your could find some cheaper hardtails but I think you both will enjoy riding a full-sus bike more. A descent hardtail like the 2021 Salsa Timberjack will cost about $2000 and won’t weigh much less the the full-sus bikes I recommended. Hardtails are fine for young fit males. However, most people don’t enjoy the constant pounding from the unsuspended rear end of a hardtail.

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      First, I’ll second Bike Nerd on Giant Trance 29 particularly if your trails are rocky. I prefer 27.5″ on my upper Midwest dirt, but when I go out west/southwest on the rocks, 29″ is the way to go. I just rented the Giant Trance in PHX/Sedona and its a great ride for a relatively reasonable pricetag.

      Second, I’ve been researching my next ride and the two value choices that keep popping up are YT Jeffsy and Vitus Mythique specifically the VRX model (Chain Reaction & Wiggle).

      Third, unfortunately you’re likely in for some frustration finding inventory right now. High demand and Supply disruptions are making things tough. Good luck!

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