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      I have 2 we wheel Im hoping I can fit either a disc rotor mount on one of them (the hub that is gold)

      Or I’m hoping I can fit a Shimano 9 speed cassette to the other as it has the mount for the disc rotor on the hub already is this possible with the hubs I have pictured?

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      If a hub is not built for disc brakes (which it appears not to be), I would not recommend adding them.  That is a safety component and a LOT of force is transferred through the hub.   Mountain Biking is risky enough without adding faulty brakes to the mix.  The wheel does not look to me to accommodate a freehub,  which is required to mount a typical 9-speed cassette.

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      Freewheel hub and no disc support. Cassette is out, as is disc brake.

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