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      I just signed up for my first ever race, and have 2 or so months to prepare. It is the assault on liberty mountain down in lynchburg VA. From what i have heard, it is supposed to be around 18 miles of decent hills. I’m looking for general racing/ training advice from anyone who has done this race or anyone for that matter.

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      ride alot and eat right and get plenty of rest.

      What level rider are you.

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      i’m entered as a sport level, but have only been riding singletrack for a couple of weeks. I like to challenge myself.

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      if the sport group is anything like it is around here, just go straight to the back and stay out of the way. To tell you the turth I would change to BEG if you have only been riding singlerack for a few weeks. Unless you are a roadie that is a Cat 4 or a upper Cat 5.

      Tell me about your self riding wise

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      what i lack in skill, i can make up for in endurance and intensity. I haven’t been riding long, but I am in amazing shape.

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      I wish you luck, just keep in mind tho a lot of the people you are going up against, have the skill and the endurance. There is something to a lot of time on the bike. There muscle are very different and the body works different, from someone that is just in great general shape.I am not saying you not going to do good.

      But just keep in mind not to cause problems for anyone because of your bike handling skills are not at the same level has the others you are racing against.That is a good way to make a lot of people mad at you, and you can get people hurt also.

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      i’m not trying to create a pile up or anything

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      I am sure your not, just giving you some advice is all. 😃

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