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      First thing i want to say is that i hope this guy is OK, i don’t wish anyone any harm.

      But my first thought reading this article was, "was he wearing a helmet?" That info is conspicuously absent from the story. If he was wearing a helmet, i can’t imagine how much worse his "severe head injuries" would have been. If he was not wearing a helmet, it’s a whole lot harder to sympathize.

      This stuff can happen anytime, even on a casual ride. Keep it on.


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      I am surprised that the Air Force is having a hard time finding someone to repair the hole. I mean, its the Air Force of all things. Anyway, that sucks for that guy. I think he wearing helmet, but he probably either landed hard or hit something (or a few things for that matter) with his face. Just my thoughts on the subject.

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      Sometime back, someone posted something on this forum about "Do you wear a helmet?"

      It was great to see that most of the responses were along the lines of "Wait… what do you mean? You mean you DON’T wear one?"

      [i:ncy1bc92]Bell helmet: $35
      Breathing with a pump the rest of your life: _____[/i:ncy1bc92]

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