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      Curious what type of helmet people use for winter fat biking.  I have a regular mountain bike helmet that is well ventilated obviously for summer use, however am considering a snow board / ski helmet for winter use.  I figure they are a good deal warmer and would accommodate the use of winter goggles if I use them.  Any ideas are welcome!  Thanks

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      Regular bike helmet. I use one of those low profile beanies that fit underneath my helmet to keep my head warm. The snowboard helmet is a great  idea though just a lot more expensive than a beanie.

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      I ride year round with a full face helmet. It is the warmest thing around. If you get one that is quality you’ll probably never look back. Quality ones are light, warm in winter and cool in summer. Maybe not cool in summer, but definitely not as stuffy as most people think.

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      I generally use a standard summer helmet with either a low profile cycling beanie underneath, or a thick full-weight winter beanie.

      I’ve tried the snowboarding-style helmet once or twice, and I’ve found it to be way too hot when climbing–similar to backcountry skiing where most people remove their helmets and googles and even outer jacket for the skin track because the body heat just makes it way too warm.

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