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      Does anyone have any recommendations for a good and fairly cheap (<$150 range) helmet cam?

      I saw some cool videos of Colorado trails at http://www.whiterhinovideo.com and got me thinking of making some videos!

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      The only ones that I’m even aware of that’s under that price are made by Oregon Scientific…though I have no personal experience with them. The ATC-2000 has received fairly decent reviews on Amazon, but I’d assume that like with most products, the more you pay the better quality you’ll get.

      I would also assume that the OS stuff is probably good enough for most people that just want to relive trail experiences without worrying about DVD quality playback.

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      Thanks lmxloco!

      I hadn’t heard of OS before but the camera looks great and I love that it can accommodate a 2gb card. I think this is gonna be going on my Christmas wishlist this year.

      I had also thought about that cheap Tony Hawk helmet cam but I don’t like that it’s limited to 15fps.

      Also saw an older post (should have searched before posting this topic to begin with) that mentioned that Flip brand camera. I’m gonna have to check out the video quality on youtube.

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      Also check out the GoPro Helmet HERO. I think it retails around $170 and it takes a 2Gb card as well. The resolution is great and it’s pretty compact but some of us have had problems keeping the thing stabilized on the trail. Check out this thread for more details.

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