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      Just saying hi. New to the singletracks community, but I’ve posted a few reviews over the last few days. Is anybody from San Antonio on here? I moved to TX a little less then a year ago from Wisco. Just seems like there’s very little action down here, wondering if I’m missing something. Anyways I’ve been riding off and on since 2003, from Mongoose on up. Tried a little off-road while I was in Wisco, but since then have really been doing a lot more off-road. I still like to tear up some pavement to knock down some mileage as well, so I will probably cross the road biker picket line and pick one up in 2012 so I can use that on my distance days. Never raced, but I’m beginning to feel a lot more confident about my skills so I’m starting to think about it. Any competitive types on here have any racing tips? Anybody raced on the TMBRA circuit?

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      Hey man, welcome to singletracks! Whereabouts in wisconsin are you from? I was born and raised in Neillsville, WI and spent a lot of time riding at Levis Mounds.

      Again, welcome to the forum!

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      Wassup! Lol. Glad to have an extra on the site. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask? No matter how stupid they seem.

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      Welcome–what part of Wisconsin are you from?

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      Welcome to the site! This is my first year getting into racing, and I’d say if you are starting to feel the itch, go for it!! Racing will step up your game and put you in a whole new mindset when you are riding. And with the beginner/novice/cat 3 category you’ll be with other first timers out there. And even though it is a "race" the scene is wicker friendly, everyone is out there to have a good time. It’s a very welcoming community.

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      I’m from the Milwaukee area, rode Alpha Mtn, Milwaukee River Trails and John Muir once in a great while.

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      Welcome to ST.

      I’m no expert on singletrack in Texas, but there seems to be a significant biking community up in Austin. My guess is there is some action in San Antonio too. I would search around for a local forum to get more local knowledge on trails, clubs, group rides, races, etc. Good luck!

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      I may be heading down your way soon, SA or Austin, not sure yet. If I make it lets get together and find some trails. There are a few posted on ST, have you rode those?

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      "tarvisg" wrote

      I may be heading down your way soon, SA or Austin, not sure yet. If I make it lets get together and find some trails. There are a few posted on ST, have you rode those?

      Very cool. As I understand, Austin is definitely much more well-equipped. Seems like there’s several options for trails & ranches up that way. I have checked out almost all the SA rides listed here, even added some that I’ve explored (Leon Creek) and will be adding some pics and more review later this weekend. I’m always game for a ride, I actually started getting a few folks from work together a couple nights a week, so we can all tear up some trails.

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      Sweet, well it looks official. Moving down in a week or so, but will be living out of a hotel and boxes for awhile. Not sure when I’ll be able to actually ride. Hopefully sooner than later.

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      Well, I’m here in San Antone! I rode OP Schnabel today, lots of spiderwebs to try and figure out. I am up to ride soon DJ. Let me know if you are riding with a group or when you are able to ride?

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      PM sent, check ur inbox

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