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      I’ve been lurking here for some time and just thought I’d check in. I’ve always liked the maps here. It took a ridiculous post above to get me to come out of the woodwork.

      I’m riding a 2012 Specialized Carve that has been almost completely revamped over the years. New wheels, fork, dropper post, etc.  and I recently converted to a 1x drivetrain. I think only the cranks, handlebars and brakes are original to the frame.

      I love riding in New England’s rooty, rocky terrain. Born and raised in CT, but rode a few years in the hills of West Virgina. My group makes a trip each year up to Vermont for a long weekend and we’re hoping to scratch off a bucket list item by going to Moab in 2019.

      Ride on!

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      Welcome to the boards.

      I used to live in NE, but didn’t yet have a bike and have always regretted waiting until after I moved to get one.  Hopefully I’ll get the chance to ride out there at some point.  Love the maples and the lobstah!

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      Thanks for the welcome John. I usually spend my time on the MTBR forums as they get a little more action. Some great stuff here too!

      NE really is a great pace to ride, and I think it’s a lot like skiing in NE. If you can ski/ride here, you can ski/ride anywhere!

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      Hey John, I’m from NE and i definitely always enjoyed riding there. But I’d definitely urge you to take a trip out west. The riding is generally much more epic, you’ll come  back home with a very different perspective.

      I think you have a somewhat valid point that if you can ski in NE, you can ski anywhere. This is mostly because there are such poor/icy conditions in the northeast. In the rockies or the alps, even the iciest day feel like packed powder to us. Still, there is generally much steeper stuff, and the mountains are so much more impressive; there is a whole word of backcountry skiing that hardly exists in NE. Also with mountain Biking. Yes we have a lot of rocks and roots, some tight trails, but even the biggest mountains in Vermont are basically hills. I love Colorado, there are both incredibly epic rides, and you can find a lot of easy stuff. This is probably less the case in the Alps: less purpose-built stuff and in general much steeper terrain. Every time I ride in the alps I am surprised by how hard it is.

      Enjoy NE, but I definitely urge you to try some other regions. Happy Trails!

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      Another Nutmegger here. Pretty new to mtb riding, but long-time roadie and gravel grinder. Local rides for me include Waldo and Huntington.

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      road CT all thru the 90’s. I helped cut some of the trails in Tyler Mill in Wallingford. Always loved riding west hartford Res too. Jersey guy now..flat in the south, hills in the north

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      Our group of riders live 15 minutes or less from the West Hartford Reservoir and it was always our home turf. We started going to Case in Manchester once every few months, and now that’s our home turf. We are talking about venturing south to Rockland and Miller’s Pond.

      We’re headed up to Stowe, VT in a few weeks for four days of riding and camping. We’re looking to ride one day outside of Stowe, possibly Millstone or Hinesburg Town Forest.

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      I lived in South East CT for over 12 years and that is where I learned to Mountain bike in the 90’s. I rode in CT, RI, and MA (mostly CT & RI).  I now live in Iowa and ride in IA and IL mostly.

      This is a really great website for trail maps and finding new places to ride. Ride as many different places as you can and have a blast.

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