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      Thought I should post a hello here. I am 56 years young, and have been on and off about bicycling for the past few years. I have a Cannondale F500 hardtail (about 2002, don’t remember exactly), and an Ibex Asta (2007). Even though I have ridden (off and on) for a few years, I would still consider myself a beginner, as I prefer to stay on the county roads and fire roads. I do venture off to play a little, but, at my advanced age, I am well aware of how much falling can hurt, so tend to be careful. 😀 I live in central AZ, and am fortunate to have BLM and State Land within a half mile to ride on. I had a quadruple bypass surgery in March which prompted me to get active again, and I have increased my riding to hopefully help my cardio health and prolong my life.

      I live in Mayer, AZ, and work as an Autobody tech in Phoenix. I am a veteran of over 17 years in the Marine Corps. I ride a Harley, and politically am somewhere between a Libertarian and a Minarchist. I am seriously worried about the direction this country is taking.

      Looking forward to reading a learning a little more about Mountain Biking.


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      Welcome to what is IMO the friendliest place around to discuss biking.

      I’m with you on the ‘don’t want to break anything’ style of riding, but don’t let age or condition/physical issues slow you down. There’s no harm in riding the more gnarly trails – you can always push it through the stuff that’s more than you’re willing to risk. The rewards (scenery, or sense of acheivement when you finally nail something you couldn’t do a couple months ago) on the more gnarly trails are very often worth the time pushing.

      Regarding the politics – I’ll take a pass; this isn’t the place… I will say that I’m not a happy camper this year.

      Good luck with the recovery from the bypass. I hope MTB plays a substantial part in that quest, and becomes or remains a passion.

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      Hello Teufelhunde,
      Once again, welcome (This time from a fellow new person).
      This is really hands down the friendliest, most supportive group of people I have EVER encountered on a message board.
      Good for you getting up and going after open heart surgery, sounds like a Jarhead to me (A term I use with the deepest respect).
      I tell every Marine I meet that I always feel that I sold myself short by joining the Navy instead of the Corps. I have spent my entire life since then trying to find out what I am really made of. But hey, that’s the journey, man.
      I worry about the direction we are taking as well, on main street as much as in D.C.
      I do agree that we are in the wrong place to discuss it, but you can message me anytime you want and we can discuss whatever.

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      Welocme Teufelhunde5953,that is pretty cool to see you mtn biking after your bypass.Keep it up and dont be afraid to ask questions here on the forums,we all just love to answer them. 😃

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      Thanks for the welcomes, and I will try to refrain from political comments. It’s really a testament to our current medical system that I am able to return to strenuous physical activity so soon after major surgery. I am feeling better now that I have felt in many years. I hope to once again at some point to be as physically capable as I was during my years in the Marines (adjusted for age, of course).

      Many good sticky’s on this board, it will take a good bit of time to get through them all.



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      Welcome aboard. I think that mountain biking may be just what the doctor ordered. Seems there are quite a few of us in our 50’s riding these days. Its a great way to stay in shape and you can take it as far as you have the drive to.

      Nephew of mine left Paris Island a couple months ago and is California for a while. Not sure where he will end up. My hats off to our servicemen – past and present.

      Welcome again. I’m sure you will have lots of good riding out there in sunny Arizona.

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      Welcome to the forum!

      As for age, last fall on Kenosha Pass I got smoked by a guy who turned 60 that weekend. He said he would stop riding when he died on the trail.

      Sounds like a good plan to me!

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      Yeah,last year I was riding Apex feeling all youthful and then outa nowhere here comes this dude pounding his was down the rock garden on a Yeti,the dude had to be 65 or over,but man was he pounding that technical rock garden into submission.

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      "maddslacker" wrote

      He said he would stop riding when he died on the trail.

      Sounds like a good plan to me!


      Welcome to the forums Teufelhunde5953

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      Welcome to the forums Teufelhunde5953

      I hope your health continues to get better 😀
      I like that there is hope that I can still be riding for years to come I am 44 and pretty much out of shape.

      I took a 20 miles ride today and though it was nice and easy for the most part I am so sore I hope I can get my butt off the couch so I can drive in the morning lol

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