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      Currently in the works, and asking for input from the community, Heli Mountain Biking.

      In the next few weeks we have plans to start this service for large groups, or special events/races.

      The first location we are looking at is Cox Hill (Sibbald Creek Rd and Powder Face Trail, with approx a 2500 foot elevation change, and multiple trails.

      What I am looking for is to see the interest for this type of exciting new adventure, and local to calgary.

      The current plan is to have the group meet at the taging area and then be flown to the top, and the bikes would be placed in a custom bike rack that will be carried up by the helicopter as well. After all, going down is the FUN part!

      Please provide feedback and/or questions on this forum if you are interested.

      – Where would you like to Heli Mountain Bike? ( GPS location if possible) Please keep in mind, a landing spot is required at the top and the bottom.
      – What would one be willing to pay for this service? We have a pricing structure that is based on riders that will attend with a per lift cost. The more riders, the lower the per lift cost will be.
      – Any other ideas, questions or comments are greatly appreciated!

      Thanks for reading.

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      Always wanted to try heli biking but haven’t traveled anywhere that offers it (yet). Obviously the best place to do it is somewhere that’s a) very remote and b) offers a ton of singletrack downhill (as in miles and thousands of feet).

      I’d be willing to pay a couple hundred bucks for something like that I guess.

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      Personally, 2,500 feet doesn’t sound like enough elevation drop for a heli lift unless it was crazy-remote and you were doing laps. Try more like 5,000-7,000 and then we’re talking!

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      Are you limited to Canada/Geographically?
      Personally not a DH rider, But for a ride that was doable by me and as a big adventure sure.
      here’s a list to sort through. Most probably not workable for one reason or another. http://www.singletracks.com/mountain-bi … -epics.php
      Lots of trails like http://www.singletracks.com/bike-trails … ilada.html would be super cool to heli shuttle, but as I understand have a ground shuttle service, and don’t know if it has LZ’s. That said I’d absolutely consider paying a premium for the helo ride, I’m thinking double or triple the bus ticket or more. Don’t know what kinda #s that is but if a party could ride up for a couple 100 ish i’d be worth it.
      Sorry I’m not much help with the really remote stuff.

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      Just thought I’d mention that I continually go back to read the write up that was done on this trip: http://www.pinkbike.com/news/tyax-air-trip-2010.html
      If you could arrange something like this it is something I would consider in the future. my trips have been taking me on longer and further reaching adventures the last few years, so if I can find a drop like that in the mountains with such beautiful expansive views I would put it on my to-do list.

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      i’m with greg, 2.5k doesn’t sound like it’d be worth the $ for a heli ride if it’s just straight down. i’d be willing to pay $100-200 for a 2-3 hour ride but if it’s a pay per lift kind of thing, it’d probably be a one time thing.

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