Having chain chatter after replacing my chainring

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      I recently went from a 34T to a 32T chainring and it has a lot of noise. Is this going to go away after the CR is broken in?

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      Did you shorten the chain as well?

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      It might be the old chain is too worn to run properly on the new ring. Get a chain checker and use it frequently to stay on top of wear. Replacing your chain before it gets too blown out will extend the life of your chainring and cassette.

      This is an inexpensive one: http://www.jensonusa.com/Park-Tool-CC-32-Chain-Wear-Indicator/

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      Thank you. For the info. It wasn’t making the noise until I changed the CR, so I figured it was an issue somewhere else.

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      either shorten or replace your chain because the old one is too long with the new chainring size. if you replace it, make sure you adjust it like this:Image result for sram chain length guide

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