Have you seen the 29×2.8 Teravail Coronado tire?

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      I just spotted the new 29×2.8 Teravail Coronado tire at my local shop today. The shop owner had one mounted to a i35mm (i=inner width) rim and he measured it at 2.75in wide. On an i40 rim, it would probably measure a true 2.8in. On an an i30 rim, it would likely measure 2.7in. We weighed a ‘Durable’ version at 1010gms. There is also a ‘Light’ version. While there are many 27.5×2.8 tires, the Coronado is the first true-width tubeless-ready 29×2.8 tire. In addition, the Coronado is a middle of the road Trail tire. It has medium size knobbs and a medium weight casing—not to Enduro and not to XC-Race.

      With this tire, those who ride 29 Narrowbikes could now convert to Plus. Consider the 29 Trek Fuel EX Narrowbike—a bike I am familiar with because I almost bought one. The Fuel EX comes with i30 rims and there is ample fork space for a 29×2.8 tire in the front and frame space for a 29×2.6 tire in the rear. Some of the 2019 29er bikes like the Trek Slash, Specialized Stumpjumper, and Scott Genius which all come with i30 rims will accept 2.8 tires in both the front and the rear. Anyhow, if you own a 29er Narrowbike with at least i29mm rims you might consider converting to Plus tires. Maybe you should check out the new 29×2.8 Teravail Coronado tire?

      Of course, if you’re like me and you already have a 29er Plusbike with 29×3.0 tires, a 29×2.8 Trailbike tire like the Teravail Coronado might be just the tire you’ve been waiting for. 29×3.0 tires seem to come in only 2 types— ~900gm light XC-Race or +1200gm heavy Enduro. The Coronado gives us the middle of the road Trail option.

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      I’ve been riding a full-suspension Trek Full Stache with 29×3.0 tires on i35 rims for about six months. Before that I rode a 29+ hardtail for about 3 years. However, I been wondering if a 2.8 tire might be better. I’ve been thinking and saying that a 29×2.8 tire on an i32 rim could be the perfect Plus wheel. So I put my money where my mouth is and I bought a set or Tervail Coronado’s. So far, I’ve had 3 long rides on the Coronado’s and they have exceeded my expectations. It’s like my Full Stache has been turbocharged. They are so good that I am now ready to send any rim wider than i35 and any tire wider than 2.8 to void of outdated technology. I you’re into 29+, you should seriosly consider a set of Coronado’s.

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      I’ve now had many rides on the Teravail Coronados and I give this tire a huge thumbs. This is the best 29+ tire I have ridden. This tires proves what I have believed for some time. Plusbikes don’t need tires wider than 2.8 or rims wider than i35. You get all the Plus magic (traction, flotation, and tire suspension) that wider tires and rims provide but with much less weight and rolling resistance. Send tires wider than 2.8 and rims wider than i35 to the graveyard of outdated tech. You know, the same place where rim brakes and 3x drivetrains now reside. I wish that the original Plus wheels had come this way. 3.0 tires on i45 rims have given Plus wheels a bad reputation for being slow and heavy. I’ve also taken some demo rides on 29×2.6 tires on i30 rims (the current bike industry darlings) and I like 2.8-i35 better. I hope the bike industry doesn’t give up on Plus because if it is done right (2.8 tires on i35 rims), it is amazing!

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      I bought a set of them for my fully rigid Krampus that I converted to singlespeed.  They are mounted to i40 rims.  I love them! Great grip but low rolling resistance.  However, I bought a set of 27.5×3.0 for my Karate Monkey and was horribly disappointed in them.  I guess 29×2.8 is the sweet spot for those tires.

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      Richard, a friend gave me a pair of 3.0 L/S. I have mounted them and took a short pedal with em.

      At this point, I can say, these have their place… Loose and sand will be their default domain. Obviously, I have not had the opportunity to put them to the test for general use. Still need to sort air pressure and all that jazz. Frankly, I do have a preference for 3.0 since it works for me. I get rowdy, trialsy and play so just a note, I can ride 3.0’s and some people don’t care for em. I do have contempt for 2.6 and smaller.

      Bike Nerd, the only 2.8’s I own are G-One lightskin. Fine for streetin but dirtin is my jam… Right back into the 3.0’s for that deed.

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