Have you had your first mountain bike ride this spring? Where did you ride?

Forums Mountain Bike Forum Have you had your first mountain bike ride this spring? Where did you ride?


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    This winter, we’ve had below average temps and above average snowfall where I live and it’s been continuous cold, mud, snow, slush, ice and rain. Just when we thought it was over, the bomb cyclone blasted through with more days of miserable weather. The weather was so unfavorable this winter that even road riding was seldom possible. Finally, after not being able to mountain bike for three months, I got my first ride today. Cheers and applause! I had to drive 50 miles out of town and down into the desert as my local trails are still slop. The desert trail was also still a bit muddy but it was glorious. There are a few extra pounds and not enough fitness but I’m hoping to get back to my usual 4-5 rides per week. Have you had your first mountain bike ride this spring? Where did you ride and how was it? Are you psyched for the upcoming season? I am!!!

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    I ride all year but conditions on the east coast have been pretty bad (spring freeze/thaw cycle + rain) the last couple of months.  Some one posted a stat that it was never more than 4 days between each rain/snow effect with most of them bringing fairly significant amounts of precitation.  With that said, the past week has been rain-free and (most) trails are in excellent condition.  Rode Rosaryville State Park in MD on Wednesday and White Clay Creek in DE on Friday with my new Evil Offering.  It was pure bliss!  And with no rain in the forecast for the next week + the extra hour of sunlight in the evening I am totally stoked for the season!!!

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    Most of the people I know went for a dirt ride yesterday afternoon, I opted for (likely) one last snow ride on the fat bike for the season. I figured it’s going to be cold and not very good anyway, might as well make it on snow…

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    Last week did Mary’s Loop and some trails in Lunch Loop area. Should get out at least two more times this week.

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    Plusbike, it really has been a big bad winter in many parts. It must have shut down a lot of riders.  Fat bikers up north and in the mountains have probably had a pretty good go of it.  I was able to ride here in Colorado Springs quite frequently in January, February and early March; well in the Springs and in Canon City.  Sometimes I was riding on snowpack (sometimes ice), but when the snow did melt, the trails dried out quickly because there wasn’t that much snow.  However, the past couple of storms have been different.  They have left a lot more snow than the previous ones, and the trails have been pretty sloppy for about 10 days now. So I haven’t ridden of late and have been running instead. Thus far this year,  I have done 35 rides and 420 miles — most on local mtb trails but a little also on urban trails.  So pretty much a happy camper here.  I feel for those who have not been so fortunate.  I know what it’s like to be off the bike for three or four months over the winter.  It’s terrible to have to start over on conditioning. I’ll probably head down to Canon City or Pueblo this weekend.  Hopefully, the trails are drying up well down there.

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    We ride year ’round here in North Texas, but Spring is typically when things pick up as the weather warms a bit.  We’re afraid of the cold, so that means temps are up to ~70-80 from ~40 🙂 .  But… like for many across the U.S., weather has been less forgiving this winter.  While we’re not inundated with snow, we’ve had a real issue with continuous rain.  Our trails close when they’re wet due to high clay content.  Riding them wet ruins them.  We’ve had so much rain, many trails are literally under water, and some have been since last July!  We’ve seen maybe 3-5 trails open out of nearly 40 trails since July.  But, to answer this threads question… yeah, there’s been a little Spring riding, just not as much as we normally see.  Here’s hoping for a dry Spring! (ironically, Spring is our wet season 🙁 )

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  • From Tuesday’s ride Pet-E-Kes.


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