Have you ever discovered a booby trap on a bike trail?

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      It seems like stories of booby-trapped mountain bike trails are becoming more common across the US and now the world. Has anyone personally encountered this on the trail?

      I haven’t come across anything that seemed intentionally constructed to harm mountain bikers, though I have seen plenty of cases of trails being blocked or modified to make it more difficult for bikers to access them. One of the most common things I see is log stacks being dismantled…

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      Some of the trails round our way have been visit by the Stick Fairies. They go ou of there way to move and place fairly large to large (an effort to move) sticks/branches/timber across the trail. Notable increase in activity is during the autumn where they use the leaves to cover said sticks. A fairy caught endangering other walkers runners and bikers can face a charge o f aggravated assault. The police did catch a persistent in our area few years back.

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      No, but always remember that half of the world’s population is below-average intelligence.


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      Yes, becoming very common where I live. Low level, like they don’t want to maim, just annoy. so far, at least. Thinking about good spots to set up my game cameras. I wouldn’t confront anyone unless I actually saw them do it, but I’m not above letting them know what they are doing is a serious crime.

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      I’ve only come across two ever and they were low effort ones.  Probably kids thinking how funny it would be, but not really thinking about consequences.

      One was some sharp rocks and sticks set just after a small rock drop and the other was barbed wire stretched across a trail with leaves covering it.

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      I have heard stories of people attaching fishing wire/line onto trees with fish hooks attached. Especially dangerous when windy. I have not seen this though.

      Not sure if this is a booby trap or not but where i live it is a fishing hot spot and tourists come into town to fish. If they catch something they don’t want they usually dump it out of town in the bushes because apparently it’s easier to dump something than it is to bin it. I have come across shopping bag fulls of dead fish on the trail. Once i came across a giant stingray. The smell is hideous! People also dump rubbish.

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