Has anyone been mountain biking in Thailand?

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      Has anyone been mountain biking in Thailand?

      I have been doing the guesthouse and local transport thing but it’s not active enough for me. I am a keen mountain biker from Yorkshire and I am looking to do a few months on a bike around the country and maybe some mountain bike adventure holidays or tours.

      My ideal plan is to have a few guided bike rides here in Bangkok or maybe kanchanaburi and get used to the whole riding on Thai roads thing plus a bit of sightseeing while I’m at it. I know there are a few things to see here in Bangkok like temples and I have heard riding on the long tail boats up and down the Chaopayah river is fun. Also haven’t been to Kanchanaburi yet and I would love to Visit the Bridge over The River Kwai and Death Railway. Then I would probably want to hire a bike and head off up to Chiang Mai and do some mountain bike downhill trips up there down Doi Pui or Chiang Dao.

      I found the following company offering singletrack trips in Prachinburi at a place called Khao I-to.


      Think this may also be the same company.


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        Maybe take an alternate route to Moab or Prescott, Arizona



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