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      last summer i was doing alot of moutain biking in a downhill trail with my hardtail i realised that my suspension was not absorbing the impact enough some days and other days,it was absorbing it very well.Proof: i jumped on a 1.5 meter jump and i broke my nuts and the day after i tried it again and i had it correctly and i didnt received any impact.My friend told me thats its because i dont warm it up and instead of jumps rolling in the drive way and warm it with some little jumps and bunny hops,i go directly to the gaps,but i dont think its the reason so i want to buy a new suspension fork.My bike is a gary fisher opie(check on google) and i dont know where to buy and which suspensions are the best so please can you help me to find something or tell me a good suspension that fit with my bike,thanks alot 😀

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      I actually ride OPUS bikes but that’s OK..The Opie from Fisher is a hybrid between a DJ style bike and a trail hardtail.

      Before you go into spending any money replacing parts. I think the warming up idea is great. Also when you hurt yourself you have to ask was the landing from that height a smooth landing (transition) or drop to flat. Usually drop to flat requires you to absorb a lot of the drop with your body seeing that you have a hardtail also when your doing stuff like that you should have that seat lowered so that you don’t hit the family jewels.

      Technique here is the key. A better DJ fork later like an Arglie from Rockshox may help a bit.
      Invest in a strong set of wheels first though, if your planning on doing many drops.


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      Thanks for the websites! but i do absord the impact with my legs and my arms but the only thing is that its like my suspension gonna blow and break when i land,so i still want to buy a new suspension fork and i looked for the arglie and some others and thats intersting,thanks alot for the help and the website 😉

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