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      Yo yo!!! I’m back! Some may remember last year when I took a spill and tore my ACL. No bueno 🙁 However, I just had my 2nd knee surgery this past March and just got cleared to start riding again (say whatttttttttttttttttttttt)! I ended up selling my Giant Stance right after my injury because I didn’t want it sitting around for a year+. Welp, since I’m back, I need help. It was really nice to be able to ride on a FS but it was on the low end, I don’t want to go on the low end of the spectrum anymore for a FS. What I would like for now is a good hard tail to ease back into it. I would like a trail oriented 27.5 that comes with a dropper post for roughly around $1k. I was at a local shop on base where I’m at and all they seemed to carry was Kona bikes, not gonna lie, they looked awesome and two of them came with a dropper/rockshox forks. I believe it was priced at just over $900. Would that be worth it? I know last year I digged really deep into FS but not so much HT, any input would be great! Thank you!!!

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      I’m on a roscoe 8, which is more than you wanna spend and if you can get a Kona with dropper and decent front fork for under a G thats a awesome deal. As for the hardtail I love mine coming from a bmx background. 27.5 plus tires are like suspension in itself, as for is it for you, well best bet is to test ride one. No doubt full suspension bikes are super sweet but i feel ya need to get into the 3 grand area for it to be worth doing. I had a budget when I was buying and feel the roscoe8 fit the needs I was looking for. Hardtails are definitely a bike that requires you to pay attention to more when your riding.They buck harder deflect harder so depending on the trails you ride you might be disappointed if you dont test ride one before the buy. Personally its the best all rounder I feel with the plus tires,dropper and somewhat decent fork . One pinch flat so far after months of riding and it was on some heavy PA rock trails and was probably running to low of pressure. I would love a nice full squisher but for the amount sharps rocks i ride it wouldn’t pay to spend the kind of money ya need to to get something nice. You might be pleasantly surprised with a  decent hardtail.

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        Killer Climb, so funny that you say that. Monday afternoon, right after I made this post, I went to my local bike shop, tested and bought the Roscoe 8.. lol I just picked it up today. I can not explain how much I love this bike! Also, I should of added in my original post, my local bike shop gives me INSANE discounts. I got the Roscoe 8 2019, with the purple Race Face lock on grips and the purple Chester platform pedals for.. get this.. 910EUR so about $1027… :O!!!!!

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      Chain reaction has Marins on sale. Nail Trail 6 and 7 are right around the $1K mark. 7 has a dropper and a Revelation fork. I know a couple people with them, they seem pretty capable.

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      Marins are on my radar for a full sus bike. I don’t wanna put to much into the roscoe although I have done a little. Dropped to a  wolf 28 chainring, also had the bontrager rapid drive hub laced up with the tighter engagement for the killer climbs. Was it necessary, not really but I love the upgrade. Also put new odi grips on and dety composite flat pedals. Still on tubes and not sold on tubeless. Just did bottom end service on judys and had some 20wt fork oil around from dirtbikes instead of the 15wt they call for.  Very nice improvement, took the cheaper feel out of the  fork and is much more aggressive. Other than that its a great bike and I’m always pumped to ride it wether its easy or hard, the bike is just all around fun.Most better quality bikes  good are good and its just a matter of components that make a difference. A lot of people bash trek for way more than I need to know but they do a pretty good job of making a excellent ride at a fair price. I’m sure you’ll enjoy the roscoe, I know I look forward to riding mine every chance i get.

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      Late to this party….  I’ve been on my Roscoe 8 for a bit under a year. Love the bike and had I seen your post earlier, I would have, with extreme bias, steered you that way. I did go tubeless. My home trail (on my property) is laced with black locust thorns and tubes didn’t last one ride. I changed grips and flat pedals and am quite happy. I am going to change the dropper post so that I have a longer drop (can’t remember the name but it just got reviewed in Mountain Bike Action).  I have no issues with the brakes but do occasionally ping the cog during heavy pedaling.  Otherwise, the best $1K I have spent on a bike.

      I’m headed to Hayward WI for riding this weekend and can’t wait. Happy riding.

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        Heck yeah man! I’m loving this bike so far! Haven’t converted over to tubeless yet but will be doing so in the next few weeks! I can’t wait to get home everyday after work, even if it’s just to take the dog on a quick ride. lol I’m like a small child in an adult body. lmao

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