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      Hi, I’m slowly getting back into the mtb scene after a 20yr lay off, have an old mongoose pro nx 8.3. (20yr old). I’m looking at getting a new bike and have narrowed it down to 5 choices:

      1) trek remedy 8

      2) trek slash 9.7

      3) stump jumper alloy comp 29

      4) stump jumper evo 29

      5) giant reign sx1

      all 2019 models.

      I am 41, pretty well maintained except for some joint pains. I want a bike that is super fast, handles well and jumps high and is easy on the joints??? Why do you recommend???

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      The Slash is the most racey and the most pricey. It is a nice bike, but in the group of long travel 29ers I’ve ridden/demoed it wasn’t my favorite as I like to play around more and don’t give a rats ass about racing (other than being a line judge/starter, itinerant heckler, and half-assed dj at one of our local races). The two least expensive one you’ve put up, the Stumpys offer different takes on a theme. The standard alloy comp is a solid all rounder, but not that exciting IMHO. I’d prefer the EVO, because it’s kinda nuts (way off Specialized’s usual conservative tact). It won’t be the bike to win any KOM’s ascending, but that thing will destroy going down, not to mention likely carve turns like mad all at a very attractive cost. I’ve ridden the Reign and both Treks as well as the Stumpy comp and hope to throw a leg over the EVO soon. On the formers I will admit to being a 29er convert and thus the 27.5 bikes don’t say much to me any longer. On the contrary the EVO is the looniest of your selections and since I am kind of a kook that is what I’d choose.

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      +1 for the EVO Stumpy. My second choice would be the other Stumpy. 🙂

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      For ease on joints, I find a FS with 140mm minimum helps a lot. At 62, I now ride an FS even on pavement. Trek Remedy 8 is a great bike. So is the Giant Reign, I love the way it takes fast downhill corners. But the Reign is not the best climber, and the frame geometry is getting close to dedicated downhill geometry.   The Trance Advance is a better all round Giant. The Stumpys the also very nice, and so is the Santa Cruz Bronson. My personal favorite, and the bike I own  Evil Insurgent.

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      I’m 60 and I select bikes with comfort in mind but I also select bikes with capability and versatily in mind also. In my opinion the bikes that do that best have at least 130mm/5.0 in of travel and come with 29×2.6-2.8in tires on (i=inner width) i30-35mm rims. The tall 29+ tires have amazing rollover and those wide tires also provide a lot of cushion and traction. By using i30-35 rims you have the versatility to use narrower, down to 2.2, tires if you want. I wouldn’t recommend a very long travel 150mm+ enduro bike unless your rides really do involve very steep and very technical trails. There’s no point in having all travel unless you really use it. I also wouldn’t get to hung up on the differences between 130mm and 150mm of rear travel as I don’t think it makes that much difference. Instead, choose the bike with the best component spec, fit, and feel.

      So what full-suspension bikes come with 29+ tires on i30-35 rims. Specialized Stumpjumper and Enduro, Scott Genius and Ransom, Ibis Ripley and Ripmo, and Trek Full Stache are the ones I am familiar with but I am sure there are more.

      I ride a Trek Full Stache with 2.8 trail tires on i35 rims. (The 3.0 enduro tires the bike came with were to heavy and slow rolling.) I am constantly amazed how well this bike rolls over everything and that I get traction everywhere and that I feel like I cannot fall off. It’s the most comfortable, easiest to ride, most forgiving bike I have ever owned. That’s what you get when you mix 29+ with longish travel. I don’t just recommend the 29+ full-suspension bikes to old farts like myself but to everyone as I feel that it is the state of art in Mountainbike technology.

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      As a counter point, I live in Florida, we have technical, but there are no long down hills. I only ride my old bike, with less than 150mm, on hard pack and pavement. If you are on less technical trails, you just add a little air to stiffen it up and use less suspension. But if you have a bike with less suspension and end up on a trail you want more, there’s nothing you can do. I mean, after all, these suspensions are tune-able. I know most people just set and forget, but if you do that, you are paying for high tech suspension you are not fully utilizing. I say get a bike with as much suspension as you can get, that still climbs to your satisfaction. Hit a couple of demo days before you decide to spend that much money. Not sure where you live, but anywhere within driving distance of North Florida, there is the Santos Fat Tire Festival March 8-10. Trails and vendor area open to the public for free.

      For anyone going, let me know, I will be there 9th and 10th

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      All the bikes you’ve listed are very different, it totally depends what you want out of the bike, where you ride etc.

      I test rode a Slash and bought a Remedy 8, which I love. It just felt a little more nimble to me. The Slash is a bike that only really comes alive when you’re really pushing it hard on steep trails.

      I’ve owned a Reign, and while it’s a great gravity bike, and very good value, they don’t pedal uphill too well. Also I’d be very wary of the DVO suspension the Reign SX. It’s a good price and performs well but it’s not reliable (I have sent a silly amount back under warranty).

      Regarding the Stumpy, I haven’t ridden either, but I’m intrigued by the Evo 29 myself and would be considering it for my next bike.

      Tell us some more about your riding – what’s your local terrain like, and will you be pedalling uphill? etc. Though taking a wild guess from your handle that you’re from Sydney and knowing the riding there, I’d probably recommend the stumpy, or even a Trek Fuel. Given that there’s nothing crazy steep in/around Sydney they would make sense

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      Off topic here… but the Mongoose Pro NX 8… nice.  I had a ’98.  Bought it new in ’98, and just finally sold it about a year ago.  Still is complete working order, although it had been collecting dust for a quite a while.  Indestructible they were.  And that brushed aluminum finish was cool.

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