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      Anyone  have any good recommendations  for riser bars and how much rise I should   go with .. Using  10mm rise now  and thought about going Bigger .  Running full suspension bike  with dropper post large frame  and BBSHD pedal assist motor .

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      Just put these on a few weeks ago, very nice. The 32mm rise is very nice, do not lean as much forward. Pretty nice on climbs also.

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      Bar rise it more about what feels good to you than anything else. I prefer my bars higher than most an run 40mm rise on both my bikes, partly because I used to ride and race motorcross and ATVs, and partly because I am old and slow and do not need to be in the most aggressive attack position anymore. Two aluminum brands I found very good and not too expensive are Truvati Hussellfelt. I have one on my trail bike with a 31.8mm stem And Easton Haven which I have on my enduro bike with 35mm stem. Easton’s come in a bunch of colors also.  If i were going to go carbon and spend the money I would go with Renthal Fatbar, also for 35mm stem.

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      I like 25 to 32 mm rise bars but, handlebar rise, as well as length, is a personal preference based upon comfort and how you prefer to ride. Speed is usually associated with flat bars and downhill riding with risers. Use what works best for you.

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      I find that my favorite riding position on most bikes is that the grips are about level with the top of my saddle after it is adjusted for my height.  That puts me in a position that is not to stooped over nor to upright.   I would probably try a stem with more rise before going to a riser bar.  If you’ve got all the steerer tube washer/spacers under the stem and you’ve got a high rise stem and you don’t have enough bar height, then go to a riser bar.  Then choose the riser bar that gives you the grip height that you seek.  There is no magic in any particular bar rise.  It’s just a matter of getting the grip height where you want it.  A low or no rise bar with a high rise stem is just as good as a high rise bar with a low rise stem.  However, it is much easier to change a stem than to change a bar and stems can be less expensive than handlebars.  Also be aware that most stems can be flipped over so that you can have a high and a low position.

Viewing 4 reply threads

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